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  1. even if they do ban import all it will do is create domestic manufacturing.
  2. give it another 3 years and we might see a demo. then another 3 years for them to actually come to market
  3. http://www.usmachinegun.com/proddetail.php?prod=PAP-FMA theres an adapter no mods to the firearm. i suggest waiting on your stamp and going the underfolder route. do it right
  4. am i reading this right, only sbr no sbs. thats plain stupid to not include the shotguns
  5. btt interested in standard folding mechnism, molot grip,s12, brake, make me an offer
  6. savage 10 308. i bought a remy 700 sps and sold it for the savage. the remington in an alright gun but the quality seems to have taken a nose dive in the last 20 years (just my opinion) but all the savages i have owned have been very accurate rifles. savage 10, bell and carlson medalits stock and a nikon 308 scope will do you well.
  7. still available. interested in Fal parts ak parts ar parts quality mags. pretty open
  8. for sale i have a brand new ace AR interface folding mechanism. bolts up to any ace receiver block. takes commercial ar buffer tube so you can mount any ar stock as a folder http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/ace-fsm-ar.htm 70$ shipped or trade for? can provide cash for trades as well thanks
  9. Im pretty open. nothing in particular. i can come up with some cash for the right trade as well.
  10. bump somebody needs these i will seperate. trades ?
  11. find yourself some good parts kits with good numbers. i know of a few argentine kits right now on gb that are all matching numbers all new old stock stuff. the fal parts are getting harder to come by and theres a huge following. but your pretty safe with any parts kits. i have neer seen them drop in value
  12. for sale i have (8) vepr 12 round mags by sgm tactical these are brand new i bought them from css then finances forced the sale of the vepr 12 so now i have 8 mags and no gun. 300$ shipped to your door for all 8 i dont have any pics but as i said they are new from css. the fastest way to get a hold of me is email motopilot1@hotmail.com thanks
  13. xds 45 weight is close to or less than the glock 26 and its 45. acp. plus is shoot it better than the 26. capacity is down from the 26 but thats why they invented detachable mags
  14. ups scum have been known to steal guns. ie drop it at the wrong adress and what do you know its somebody they know. they have done the same thing at the sorting facility. they make fake shipping tags and when they see something that looks like a gun box they put the tag over the one on the box. gun goes out the door and is delivered to the empty house on the corner they go there and pick up their new gun after work.
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