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  1. thehopping1


    I just got one of these and noticed the same thing. I thought it might be me since I haven’t messed with an S12 in a while but maybe not.
  2. thehopping1

    Thanks To CSS

    I was just saying the same thing to my girlfriend. She didn't quite get it but when forced to buy online it is awesome to deal with a company like CSS. Super fast, great products and very reasonably priced. Thanks CSS for being bad ass.
  3. Please let me know if you have something. Thanks
  4. Stock is sold, mags still available.
  5. I would if i was in need of any of those items but i really don't have a use for them.
  6. Thanks but not looking for BUIS right now.
  7. If no one buys it, which may very well be the case, shes all yours.
  8. thehopping1

    The sickness continues

    No rails for me, they don't belong on my AK's.
  9. thehopping1

    The sickness continues

    I'm going to keep this one looking like an AK. Polymer AK stock and maybe front end conversion, or maybe a Galil handguard. Not sure yet. Either way I am excited to do another conversion.
  10. thehopping1

    The sickness continues

    No it came to me as a full functioning gun but I couldn't help but start tearing it down. I don't even have any conversion parts yet. Waiting for pay day.
  11. I believe so, 3" federal fit just fine
  12. thehopping1

    The sickness continues

    So a couple weeks ago I came across an S410 for $300 and just couldn't pass it up. I thought the days of $300 Saiga's were over but I guess not. Here is number 3 for me. Not sure where this build will go but here is how she sits today.