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  1. The guy that I met, Jeff, actually did me a solid and showed me how to fix the issue. That, and he was dirt cheap to. I was really sweating the issue because I could not get the bolt out. The failure was in the retention spring on the BHO. It popped off, the BHO went a little sideways and up inside. This was pushed back with a pick to allow the bolt to go down and the normal field stripping to occur. He even added a better notch to the the BHO to try and resolve it from happening again. I would recommend Jeff Covino with Arizona Armory to just about anyone. They don't get much nicer.
  2. Update: After hunting around the forums, I found Arizona Armory ran by a guy Jeff Covino. I'm going to set up an appointment in the morning. He's confident he can fix it while I wait. Happy dude here This is beyond awesome. Last gunsmith I used kept my Mosin for 6 months on a scope mount, tap and die; he didn't use the mount I provided (called it crap), and overcharged by double because of him. Claimed he had to clean the cosmoline off (which I had already done with oven cleaner). The worst part was, the mount he used was truly CRAP; at max adjustment I had to aim 6 FEET low. Putting a yard stick against the mount it damn near touched the barrel. I will post an honest appraisal of Arizona Armory after my appointment. This guy seems to know his shit!!
  3. The tolerances on the Saiga magwell are pretty loose. There are lots of really good videos out there that show you how to match up your magazines. There WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY be material that you will have to file off. I have 3 MD ARMS 20 round drums, and several 10 rounders, and all required shaping to get a quality fit. Don't be discouraged. once you get the first one filed down and fitted, it'll made sense that the manufactures make these specifically to be shaped for custom fit, because of the loose tolerances on these vodka guns.
  4. Greetings. I haven't been in this forum in years now, but I find myself in need again. I goofed up and tried to speed load my mags, tried to catch the bolt hold open on the recoil of the last shot, thinking if I was fast enough I could catch it and quick reload. I think you might see where this is going. I was successful the first time. The second attempt, the recoil jammed the bolt hold open lever up inside, the bolt is now stuck back as far as it can go, and the failed bolt hold open is lodged to where I can't do anything. I'm about to be brave and start a full disassembly. I've never attempted this sort of smithing, and I'm just about resigned to find a pro. I'm in Northern Arizona. Trying to find a Saiga expert in the area. Anyone have a directory of good gunsmiths?
  5. I want to breathe some new life into this thread. The Baofeng UV5R has turned out to be a fantastic purchase for me. After playing around with the software and about a year's worth of usage, I have been very happy. Here's the skinny: FM radio reception, LED flashlight (newer models have a CREE led), and you can program all the standard 2-way frequencies in with labels. Batteries are inexpensive, all sorts of good whip antennas, you can lock out PTT on channels so you don't accidentally call on a police frequency (with software). I cannot talk this little joy of a 2-way HAM radio up any higher. It inspired me to get my HAM license. Great radio and cheap. I will admit to bending the law a little. You can choose output power for FRS/GMRS as 2-watt or 4-watt. 4-watt is breaking FCC bullshit laws. Technically, the 2 watt isn't, but if your radio is capable of going to 4 watt, you aren't supposed to use it. But boy-howdy does the extra power get the distance! My radio is part of my prepping, and it can get almost all the freqs I wish for. No aviation band But programming is a breeze with CHIRP software and the USB cable. I have all the good "prepper" channels programmed, local law, road dept., schools, EMS, military bands, International Space Station. etc. Did I mention it has a scanning mode? $35 scanner that does duplexing!!! Use the software exclude from scanning constant frequcies like NWS. Really tempted to try their newest Baofeng model, the: Baofeng BF-F9 V2+ Range is great. with a good antenna it walks all over the $200 - $400 radios.
  6. I actually have one of these. If you get one, the programming cable is an absolute must. The first block of freqs I put in were all the standard 2-way freqs, followed by 911 and local storm chasers. I've got 2 local repeaters programmed in too. I haven't hit the PTT on anything but the 2-way bands, aside from a 3 second chirp on a couple of barren frequencies to test the "close call" function on my uniden scanner (shhh...)
  7. Jay, Sorry about my super long delay in replying. I took it to my local smith and had him drill and tap for the scope mount, to which I'd say is well worth the money to pay a smith to do, they will have all the tools to ensure it's on straight and that the receiver is not damaged Many people have said, just use the dovetail under the rear sight, and I thought about it, hell I even bought a brass stacker (and returned it after watching videos about how easy it is to bend it.) The bigger problem is I didn't want to use a scout scope or pistol scope, I wanted something with some magnification to it, so consulting my local smith, he installed something more substantial when I had him attach the turned down bolt handle http://www.amazon.com/Mosin-Nagant-Scope-Mount-Handle/dp/B000O7D2XG/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1390603837&sr=8-4&keywords=mosin+nagant+mount this link has a mount, the turned down handle, and the bits and taps for $40 I haven't had any problems with trigger pull. I did watch one of the archangel videos where they fixed it with emery cloth or a dremel on a prototype model. I think it varies from model to model, and manufacturer to manufacturer. ---- To address another poster Well, I haven't posted pics, so I clearly haven't achieved quite that accuracy. More like 3" to 3.5" at 300yards. ~1" grouping was at 100yds off of the range table. My story became a fishing story pretty quick, and I'll be a big enough man to admit I can't call a couple lucky consecutive shots as true testimony (even if it took me months to respond). I finally got a new scope and have been sanding/polishing away on my trigger brakes, so hopefully this weekend the forecast will hold true and I'll be able to see if there's improvement yet. I wanted to put a nice high-end Nikon scope on it, but funding ran dry so I am settling for this Cvlife scope.
  8. I was using a mix of ammo, when I bore sighted the scope, I used cheap spam can ammo, but the other No pope, no gnomes. My rounds at 300yds were Sellier and Bellot brass fmj at I think 180 grains (don't recall, used it up and threw the box away). . I was using a range table at my gun shop's private range. I was rested on their table, and this is after bore-scoping out, 100, then 200, then 300. Hopefully I'm going out to a friends house with some bags, and following the forum credo of "pics or it didn't happen", I will go ahead and get some pics of the targets. 10 rounder arrived Tuesday, so that's getting tested as well.
  9. Yeah, I did slip away for a few days. I have been busy with life and haven't been online in days. New job, 12-13 hour days means I am exhausted. It's literally two screws, and drops right in. Really simple install. If you turn down the bolt handle, you have to dremel a little groove into where the bolt hits the body. I haven't purchased any more than the 5 rounder that came with the stock, and that one feeds okay. out of the 50rds I have put through it, 1 misfeed and it's because I put the round too far forward. The 1st generation of mags they put out had some reliablility issues. Make sure (if) you get this setup, you get the mags designated as Gen2. I didn't and mine is about as nice as they come... $89 rifle + $20 scope.. F-it... 91-30_02.JPG To the OP, that looks great! I hope they get those mags worked out! I don't feel bad about your scope at all. There is a time and place for quality and this isn't exactly it.. I've got a $12 Tasco on my 10/22 that works just fine! Thanks! I really want to get a nicer scope because my barrel is smooth and straight! Groupings are pretty tight (1/2" at 300yds, and I know it's me holding it back from being more accurate because I don't have bags or a bipod. I have no doubt that this could be a 1,000 yard gun with a better scope and some better training on my part. It shoots just as accurately as my friends Remington 700.
  10. Wow, wtf was that dude's real problem. Maxwellhse is one of the coolest cats I've come across in this forum. I just caught up on this today. Hi y'all!
  11. I had a friend get dishonorably discharged for waving some odd frequency devices on either side of his C.O.'s head and screwing him up when he was pissed over something. I don't know what frequencies they were playing with, but it was enough to make his C.O. puke and pass out. This was back in early 00's, so I know you are absolutely right about them playing 'round with this stuff in ways they ought not. Behold the new face of warfare. That was my first guess. It could also be something interfering with the COAX run to the television. A poorly crimped, bent, statically charged, or unshielded cable can do some really funny things, making some channels snowey or making some other channels have audio problems along certain frequencies of the audio/video spectrum.
  12. STOCK FINALLY CAME IN! Mosin Nagant 91/30, with turned down bolt handle, rail tapped and mounted, and Archangel Stock. Shoots very nice. Currently the barrel is floated, but I'm going to have to see if it shoots better with the barrel fixed. Promag sent a block to fix the barrel just in case I've got one of the 10% that shoot better w/o the barrel floated. Please don't tease me about the scope. It's a cheapy I traded for, until I can afford to get the Nikon Prostaff 9-9x50mm. I'm all out of gun funds in the budget for the year, so looks like I can't get that 'till Taxmas. Haven't sighted in the scope yet, fired it w/o the rail on just to see how I like the stock. Very nice indeed. Like I said, I'd post pics when it was "done":
  13. Pictures of my Mosin Nagant 91/30, revamped with the Promag Archangel stock and a new rail
  14. One good reason that the forum has been taking a hit in posts is simple. People are active as $h!+ during the summer time. I haven't had much time to post, myself. My absence is because I have only logged like 10 hours of shooting time this summer. I just switched employment from computer technician to petroleum equipment technican 2 weeks ago, so I'm hard at it. I won't lie, the NSA revelations have me spooked a bit to post much, but I've been paranoid to even post a pic of myself on here, tie it to my primary email address, or use my name. It's not that I have anything to hide, but really, who needs to freak about gun registration and tracking, seriously. Considering we post openly in a forum about it, if they have our IP's, they know what's in our households. They know who we are. This isn't tinfoil hat talk anymore, and it's not even political anymore. This is the reality of the day in age that we live in. Fusion centers tie all the information together, and warehouses of live people are sifting though data that may be deemed subversive. They've had teams working night and day to crack TOR wide open. With the Silk Road going down, that's proof positive to me that they have succeeded. Not saying I have much to hide, but when Ron Paul supporters without credit cards are considered subversive, I don't like to add fuel to the fire. I'm a peaceful person. I've also been taught my entire life to be prepared. I know the majority here feel the same way about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I ain't judging you AA. I think you bring a new dimension to the forums Agreed. Dramacity. this made me smile
  15. Silly me. I thought the first automotive gas tanks were metal... Can you cut me some slack for omitting "plastic" from that sentence..? I promise, I intended to write it. If there's one astute thing I'm noticed about Darth Saigus: he seldom cuts slack. Not that there's anything wrong with that, he reminds me, in a way, of an old roomate I used to have. An opinion on everything, seldom swayed. Ethan, I'm glad your accidental purchase actually worked out for ya!
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