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  1. Hey everyone, I'm thinking of installing a Saiga .223 Bullet-Guide from Dinzag, but I'm wondering what magazines would work with it after I install the BG. Also, are there any modifications I would have to do to the magazines or the rifle's magazine mag-well to make the magazines fit properly? Thanks in advance.
  2. So lets say you end up owning a sporting config Saiga .223, you do a AK pistol grip conversion, which consisted in Tapco products (Tapco G2 FCG trigger group, Tapco collapsible stock, pistol grip = 5 922r compliant parts) So now you have a pistol grip converted Saiga that has 5 compliant parts, leaving your Saiga with only 10 foreign parts, but would it matter if you use the factory Russian Saiga .223 magazines? by using those magazines would your Saiga be illegal, because now it has 3 more foreign parts added onto it, making your rifle having a total of 13 non-US parts. Can someone please cle
  3. Good evening guys! I just have a question, I'm not seeking legal advice, but I have a Russian American Armory Corp. Saiga .223 and I have converted it to it's pistol grip configuration, I have the Tapco G2 FCG (From Dinzagarms.com) and a Tapco AK retainer (Also from Dinzagarms) along with a Tapco Intrafuse T6 adjustable stock and Tapco pistol grip nut, but I'm using a TDI Arms pistol grip, and a TDI Arms handguard both were made in Israel I believe. I'm very curious to see if I am p22r Compliant while using the TDI Arms grip and handguard. All the Tapco products are stamped "Made in and/or
  4. Awesome thanks, how can I contact Cobra?
  5. Hey fellas, Can someone rebuild a 30 round Surefire magazine to 10 rounds, then sell/ship it to me? I live in California and I'm limited to 10 rounds and can't seem to find any 10 rounders in a 30 round body. This is going to be for the Saiga .223
  6. Hey all, Just like the title states, anyone know of a good website to order .223 10/30 magazines for an unmodified Saiga?
  7. Hey all, I just registered to the forum, but not entirely new, I've been browsing Saiga-12.com for a bit now. Anyways, my question is regarding my Saiga .223; I have recently converted it from its "sporting" configuration to it's intended AK form, using the Tapco G2 trigger group, Tapco AK Retain plate and Tapco furniture (Buttstock, pistol grip and handguard) I have also installed the AK Raddlock, magazine lock/bullet button. Note: I have done all the aftermarket installation myself. I am not a licensed gunsmith, or FFL dealer. I have taken my AK variant to the public shooting ran
  8. I want to put an AK handguard on my Saiga .223, and I know that I'm going to have to replace the Saiga's gastube with an AK's and get lower retainers. My question is, if I purchase Dinzag's AK gastube and bolt-on lower retainers, am I eligable to put an AK handguard on my Saiga .223 without any furthur modifications? OH! and I just wanted to say thanks for all those and this forum that had helped me with information regarding converting my Saiga, I've only owned this rifle for three weeks.
  9. Thank you for all the awesome info! and thank you, once again, for researching it and posting it.
  10. Yes, I have searched this forum and Calguns.net, but came up with nothing. My question is, I currently live in California and I'm going to convert my Saiga .223 with a pistol grip and raddlock (bullet button) my only concern is how am I going to reload the rifle if I can't/allowed to detach the magazine. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you all for the warm welcome! I have done a bit of reading on this forum, and have ordered the conversion parts from dinzag, and also a raddlock magazine lock. I live in California. Now I just realized how I'm am I going to reload when I go shooting. in califonia, if we have a pistol grip on our rifles, we are not allowed to detach our magazine at all.
  12. First of all, I just got this rifle and absolutely love it, but I was wondering if these rifles are just as reliable and durable as their forfathers. Also, I'm want to attach a UTG 5th gen quick detachable side mount and was wondering if these mounts are quality and they truely retain zero, even with detaching it on and off and firing. I plan on mounting an EOTech holographic on the mount. Thanks in advance guys!
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