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  1. The problems that I have run into are: (1) We have many hundreds of great pics on this board, but most are not big enough in mega-pixles. (2) The print shops want pics in certain aspect ratios, that are either taller than they are wide, or are close to square. They envision pics of the grand kids, not shotguns. (3) The print shops want to do piddly little 8.5"x11" calendars for $30 each. I will not go for calendars smaller than the 13"x19" Wal-Mart specials. Sorry, this will not be ready for January, 2011. I've got lots to do, so the calendar is on indefinite hold.
  2. I'm ordering a test of the calendar today. I'll probably change several pic when I see it on paper. I do not think this will be the calendar everyone wants. I'm trying, but I get the feeling that I am failing. I'm trying to set up shutterfly so everyone else can see the calendar, and order one if they want. We'll see if I can get that to work.
  3. Do you have a date? I thought of the same thing, but did not see a date. I love all your pics, but need them larger than the 1024x768 that I have right now. About 3MP or larger would be good. I could make a calendar of just your pics. Send them to me in a message on the board.
  4. I'm looking for dates to add on the calendar. The anniversary of Lexington & Concord (4/19) Pearl Harbor (12/7)
  5. I love many of the pics that I have asked permission to use, but I have learned that the ideal pic is 3 mega-pixels or larger, and is square-ish to fit a calendar, as opposed to the more stretched long-and-skinny shape of most shotguns. That means I will not be able to use most of the pics that I asked permission to use. I'm sending another round of messages, asking for permission to use other pics, and to ask if some of my favorite (but too small) pics are available in a larger size.
  6. I got it. I didn't reply to every message I got granting permission. I asked a lot of people, and got more "YES" messages than I thought. THANKS!!! Just because I asked permission, does not guarantee someone's Saiga will be in the calendar. I should have a rough draft posted this weekend. Something was asked that I had not thought through until now: some people want their logo or board handle on their pic. That's cool. Others want to be anonymous. That's also cool. Either way, I'll message the finalists later this weekend and ask what credit (if any) they want.
  7. I'm only using Saiga-12s in this calendar. They can be any Saiga-12, but they must be Saiga-12. I'm not even going to use a pic with a stray pistol in the corner.
  8. Not free. I'll put togeather the design I want, and pay to order me one. If anyone else wants one, they will have to pay the printing and shipping. I will not be collecting money, nor will I make a cent on this. I can set up a PDF of the calendar, and give it away here on the board. Anyone will be free to print one - no royalties. I can also upload it to one or more print shops, so anyone who want a printed copy can pay the print shop for printing and shipping to get a copy. My original idea was to do one for myself, but I figured it was so easy to upload the PDF, and to let others order them from a 3rd party print shop, that I might as well open it up.
  9. I'd like to include the pic: https://www.mdarms.com/images/md3.jpg in our new Saiga-12 calendar. The calendar is discussed at: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=60522 Assuming you grant us permission to use this pic (in a calendar,) do you have a higher resolution copy? Thanks in Adavance!
  10. Can we get permission from the owner of Saiga-12.com for http://saiga-12.com/images/AK_Saiga_Folding_Stock.gif ?
  11. I've noticed that you can upload your pics and get a custom calendar made: http://www.shutterfly.com/calendars http://www.lulu.com/publish/calendars/?cid=us_pubpage_calendars So, I started collecting pics off Saiga-12.com for a calendar. If anyone wants to suggest a pic, please post it below. (Please get permission from the guy who took the pic; we don't need silly copyright problems!) I'll make my calendar available so anyone can order a copy. EDITED TO ADD: I have discovered that the ideal images are 3 mega-pixels, or larger. Also, they need to be more square-ish, as opposed to the typical long-and-skinny-shotgun-shape.
  12. I'll try to answer the original poster's questions: Q1: Why not leave the factory plug on the maximum setting? A1: Because that would "over-gas" your shotgun. The bolt carrier would slam into the back of the receiver, and damage the gun eventually. To adjust your factory gas regulator: Start with the "1" on the gas regulator next to the detent you push to turn it. It should click in place. This is position 1. It lets the least gas through your Saiga, for the hottest loads. Test a few rounds. If they all feed, leave it on 1. If the rounds do not cycle, move it to position 2. This will let more gas through, for weaker ammo. Q2: Why not use a Tac-47 plug on it's factory setting (it is adjustable) and use it to cycle everything? A2: I have a Tac-47 plug in my Saiga-12 at the moment. It does adjust, but not across the full range of the lightest 2-3/4" bird shot loads to the heaviest 3" buckshot & slug loads. You still have to adjust the Tac-47 plug. Adjusting it is harder than adjusting a factory plug. Q3: Why have an after-market plug that has more adjustments? A3: I prefer to set my shotgun to the lowest numbered setting (least gas setting; for the highest powered ammo) that will reliably cycle a type of ammo. More settings gives them finer grained controll over their gas system, which will hopefully prolong the life of their Saiga. A4: The factory plug is made for guns with factory size gas ports. It regulates the gas coming through a factory gas port. Many of the posters here on http://www.Saiga-12.com drill out larger gas ports or more gas ports. This lets them cycle low power loads, like cheap bird-shot. It would also leave their Saiga overgassed (and damage the gun) if they fired heavy loads and did not tune down the gas regulator. Therefore, many aftermarket gas regulators allow even less gas than the factory gas plug.
  13. Actually, it said: "We would like to thank all of you for another great year and are looking forward to 2011!! This will be a great year for MD Arms and our customers. We will have several new products available including our long awaited double stack 12 gauge magazines for your Saiga shogun!" Double stack magazines in 2011. Right now the Molot style grips are only $6.00 as well. Good deal. Ick! You are correct. Here's what Mike's email to me actually said:
  14. http://www.Paint-Ball-Sentry.com It's not rugged enough to be used with real guns, or it would be illegal. The mount does a good job with a $28 Wal-Mart BB gun. I am trying to get the software to work, but it crashes when I try to open a video feed on my (much abused) XP desktop. I'm guessing a total kit with a BB gun that can hit targets will cost $600-$1,000. The kit they sell is only the beginning of your purchases.
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