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  1. Want to finally attempt to cut the shroud off my barrel. Want to use a pipe cutter. Can you guys recommend one that will work? THX
  2. I too use a side mount for my scope. So far it has held zero after removing and reattaching it several times. It is a quality mount, a BP02. Don't know what kind you are running so can't really predict how well it'll hold zero.
  3. So I have the TAPCO Saiga Handguard on my conversion and I'd like to run a bipod. It has a large round "sling nut" (as called by TAPCO) and I can't seem to get a bipod to mount correctly - I'm guessing cause the sling nut is too large for the bipod to grip properly. Anyone running this handguard and been able to mount a bipod? If so, what bipod are you running? Or, did you mod the handguard somehow? Thx guys.
  4. Welcome! Convert it, shoot it, enjoy it.....
  5. Not sure what you're looking for...you want to make it look nice but don't want plastic (assume you meant synthetic) and you don't want wood. Kind of limits your choices.
  6. Yea that sounds good but doesn't answer my original question. Is there something about a wound spring that makes it unhook itself causing my problem that will be solved by using your JTE spring? I haven't had any problems whatsoever with light strikes using the wound spring. Only brought that up after reading several reviews by people using your spring claiming light strike problems.
  7. I know this thread is old, but I found it by doing a search because of problems I had at the range yesterday. This is the second time I had the problem of having one side of my hammer spring coming "unhooked" causing the trigger to stop functioning. This is a recent problem after having shot 1,000 rounds through the gun since conversion. I'm using the twisted/braided style spring. I was looking at the JTE spring online and was wondering if it would solve my problem. Did read about light strikes from those using the JTE spring though...thoughts?
  8. Very nice, but way beyond anything I could fab for my rifle. Point taken about the heat transfer on the aluminum forearm. I kind of assumed that M-4's typically use aluminum forearms and I haven't heard of issues. They probably contain shields....I'll need to investigate the CSS forearm option further.
  9. Jess - I didn't see the grip pod you're referring to on CSS site. Maybe I just missed it - or is it elsewhere? Thanks
  10. Thanks Jess1344. Most informative. I don't have a need for rails. I don't hang stuff on the front of my rifles. Thanks again.
  11. I used a Tapco stock and forearm when I did the conversion of my 7.62. Now I thinking about changing out both. The forearm first. I'm considering the Saiga Rifle AR Style Aluminum Forearm with Vented Slots offered by Carolina Shooters Supply. I'd appreciate your input, positive or negative. If you have one of these on your rifle pics would be most appreciated. I like that it's aluminum and the rounded shape. I don't need rails but they can be added if I change my mind later. Let's hear it fellas. THX
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