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  1. I know what you mean. never shot a rifle in her life and after the third roun smack dab in the center of the target. she has that natural feel to shoot. And she can cook to!
  2. After converting my 223 Siaga with a tapco saw grip, folding stock and single hook g-2 trigger , and then spending hours polishing the trigger and action the wife and I took it to the range to test it out . Starting out with 193 federal 556 to russand zink coated TAP 223 it ran better than I ever dreamed. Very Low and I mean very low recoil. So low the wife who is 4'11" put down her S&W 40 C and said let me shoot it and she loved it but the stock was to long. This is a great gun and will be better when I get my threading gear and flash hider from Dinzag . The G2 trigger as i said is pol
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