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  1. The importation laws in the U.S. are pretty retarded. They don't make a damn bit of sense.
  2. I'm looking to buy a black K-VAR Warsaw length buttstock. Would prefer a virgin stock, but would consider a take-off as long as it is in good shape. If you have the stock screws for it, that would be even better. Please post pics if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  3. Fiction. CSS (Carolina Shooters Supply) has them. They can be tricky to put in if you've never done it before. A pair of long handle needle nose pliers definitely comes in handy.
  4. Hmm,that's interesting. I wonder why there was rust in that particular area of all places.
  5. Any of you guys use a recoil buffer on your S-12 ?
  6. As everyone here knows, the factory finish on these guns is very basic and tends to scratch very easily. Has anyone experienced any issues with rust on their S-12 where there is bare metal ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Have you considered Alumahyde II from Brownell's. I'm thinking of refinishing my S-12 with that. The S-12 factory finish looks like more of a matte to me.
  8. What do you guys recommend for cleaning the gas puck and ports on an S-12 ? They get downright filthy in no time. Thanks in advance.
  9. I was actually surprised that it did. It cycles it on setting 2, but not 1, which I consider a good thing.Hopefully it will continue to do so. I was going to get a Gunfixer plug so I could shoot the light loads,but maybe I won't have to. This is the Federal 100 rd. value pack that they sell at Wally World, 7 1/2, 1 1/8 oz.,3 dram, blah,blah,blah.
  10. What kind of rifle is that at 0:24 ? Looks like some type of G3 variant.
  11. I just got my Saiga 12 a few days ago. I noticed that the factory finish is very basic and tends to scratch rather easily. I was sorta concerned about possible rust in the exposed areas. I was thinking of refinishing it with some Alumahyde II (matte black) to give it an extra layer of protection. I've heard its pretty good stuff, only downside is the looooong curing time.(2 weeks I think) Thoughts ?
  12. What about the Fiocchi full power buck ? Anyone ever use this in their S-12 ? If so, did it cycle ok ?
  13. I have not done any mods to my S-12. It's brand new,I've only had it a few days.
  14. I was thinking of ordering some Fiocchi Reduced Recoil 00 or #4 Buck. Anybody use this ammo in their Saiga 12 with the factory gas plug ? Does it cycle properly on either setting, 1 or 2 ? Thanks in advance.
  15. I'm thinking of converting my S-12. I want to put a traditional type fixed buttstock on it, like the ones from K-VAR. I'm trying to get a consensus as to which length you guys prefer, Warsaw or Nato. I have a Warsaw on my Saiga rifle and like it quite a bit,so I was kind of leaning in that direction. Though with the increased recoil of the S-12,I figured maybe the slightly longer Nato might be the way to go. What do you guys think ? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hey all. I just picked up a new Saiga 12 (IZ-109) today. I got it home and field stripped it to wipe off the cosmoline and to put a couple drops of oil on the rails. I noticed whenever I reassembled it, that there is some back and forth play with the dust cover. It's not really loose because of the tension of the recoil spring, but it doesn't go all the way forward into the notch behind the rear sight post. I also have a Saiga rifle, but its dust cover does not do this. There is no play whatsoever, it fits very tight and stays all the way forward. Is this normal with the Saiga 12, or
  17. Very nice ! I have its 7.62x39 twin with OD Green furniture and love it. Man,that is one accurate AK ! I recently added a Hogue AK grip to mine and it rocks !
  18. I'm in the middle of doing an S-12 conversion and I accidentally removed too much off of the safety lever when modifying it to slide past the BHO lever during reassembly. Now when I pull the trigger,the disconnector will trip the hammer even if the gun is on safety. Can I just use any AK safety lever as a replacement ? I have one on order that came from an Egyptian AK. Will this work ? Thanks.
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