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  1. geepelton

    Competition loading on a closed bolt questions?

    Cobra does Great work, He did mine!!
  2. geepelton

    Competition loading on a closed bolt questions?

    Getting your bolt reprofiled will make a ton of difference. I had mine done and it worked great, takes a little practice. I have since switched to a magwell and run 2 12rds side by side. Good luck
  3. geepelton

    Will there ever be drums to fit the magwell?

    If someone would come up with a "WORKING" LRBHO, that would solve the problem.
  4. geepelton

    My 12" sbs saiga 12

    Try the factory plug.
  5. geepelton

    S12 Mag Couplers

    Yes, they are legal for 3gun. The problem with all the cheaper couplers is they don't come with a stop for the top of the other mag and your top round will walk out or come out and give you a problem seating your other mag. Save the headache and buy the Arrendondo.
  6. Brings back some painful memories.
  7. geepelton

    Compensator Poll

    Evil, if you really want to try one out, I have a monster I can send you to try out. It would only be fair you send me your 8" shorty to try out too.
  8. geepelton

    Unofficial Treaded Choke Interest

    Sorry, I'm interested.
  9. Did some surgery on mine used it for a bit then went with an adjustable.
  10. If you wanna sell just the retainer let me know.
  11. geepelton

    Unofficial Treaded Choke Interest

    What would the price be Tony?
  12. geepelton

    Saiga in Action

    I want to go shoot in Russia, those stages are awesome!!!!
  13. I run a Burris FF2 on my pistol. When I posted this they didn't but I'm still not running a drum but 2 12rds side by side 25 is more than 20.