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  1. Getting your bolt reprofiled will make a ton of difference. I had mine done and it worked great, takes a little practice. I have since switched to a magwell and run 2 12rds side by side. Good luck
  2. If someone would come up with a "WORKING" LRBHO, that would solve the problem.
  3. Yes, they are legal for 3gun. The problem with all the cheaper couplers is they don't come with a stop for the top of the other mag and your top round will walk out or come out and give you a problem seating your other mag. Save the headache and buy the Arrendondo.
  4. Evil, if you really want to try one out, I have a monster I can send you to try out. It would only be fair you send me your 8" shorty to try out too.
  5. I want to go shoot in Russia, those stages are awesome!!!!
  6. I run a Burris FF2 on my pistol. When I posted this they didn't but I'm still not running a drum but 2 12rds side by side 25 is more than 20.
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