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  1. I laughed so damn hard I think I hurt myself... ohhh this captures it sooooo well. Been there, done that, got the "This match Will beat you like a rented Mule T Shirt" Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twEz_iakd1I IPSC_GUY SIERRA II ALPHA
  2. Here is my run through the dark house. We were just "testing" as it were. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmPit4gCy2s&feature=autoplay&list=HL1311455222&index=2&playnext=2 IPSC_GUY SIERRA II ALPHA
  3. Hummmmmmm let me think about that one, it would be really neat to just shoot a stage after dark, but that could make for an exceptionally long day... IPSC_GUY SIERRA II ALPHA
  4. That was well worth the price of admission! I had a great time and that stage will be talked about for years to come! Thanks Iain for all your hard work! You were there, Holy Cow which squad were you in? I wish I had known, I always like sayin hello to Saiga 12 forum members. If ya thought that stage was cool, just wait, this was a learning experience using night vision in this setting for us. Once I figured out how to get each person set up in an efficient manner the process went along fairly smoothly. NOW, we are planning more. I am thinking something the size of an Ironman stage
  5. YOU had a Spare in your trunk ALSO ?!?!?!?!? no, I was talkin about the guy from Seattle. He had a Spare R&R Saiga in his trunk as well HOLY COW ! ! ! Also I "BELIEVE" that it was YOUR camera that failed start recording as the video-grapher desperately mashed the record button repeatedly... IPSC_GUY SIERRA II ALPHA
  6. OHHHH I hear yeah on the poly choke... unfortunately it is silver soldered on after... We shortened the barrel... yeah I screwed myself there. However as long as I set the poly choke and don't touch it I am getting 3 to 5 inch groups at 60 yards. With a Remington reduced recoil slug I can get under 3 inches. problem is it won't runt he gun on anything but gas setting 3 DAMN IT ! ! ! Anyone know where you can get a replacement barrel LOL? IPSC_GUY SIERRA II ALPHA
  7. Oh yeah and one guy had a SPARE R&R Saiga in his trunk... Forgot that part. IPSC_GUY SIERRA II ALPHA
  8. Well I just got back from the Ironman this year and on my squad of 10, 8 were running Saiga 12s and of that 7 were R&R guns. I am running the R&R Mag well with R&R converted Surefire mags and the left side charging handle so mine has some R&R goodness in it. All in all the R&R Saiga was WELL represented ! ! ! IPSC_GUY SIERRA II ALPHA
  9. Hey all, What kind of accuracy are you guys getting out of your Saiga 12s? Also what round and choke combo are you using? I am struggling with a Poly Choke and the best I have gotten out of it with a reduced recoil Remington load is about 3.5 inches at 50 yards (3 shot group). Any one have any recommendations? IPSC_GUY SIERRA II ALPHA
  10. I am guessing that the thought here is to get an Ammo that is for serious defense use and specifically long term storage, loaded in the magazines? I like the idea and I would be in for a couple of boxes in 00 buck or number 4 Buck and slugs as well. I have been thinking of looking into getting some brass cases from the Cowboy Action Cats for just such an application. I hope this comes to fruition. IPSC_GUY SIERRA II ALPHA
  11. THAT WAS EXACTLY what I was thinking of doing with the AGP mag well. I could get the mag in each time but it was not a positive thing like with the R&R mag well. The problem is, with the AGP mags there is a screw boss on the front of the AGP mags. Your onto something there but you might have to make a provision in your "guide" for that screw boss. I like the way your thinking, something to cover that lip of the forward edge of the mag opening in the receiver mag hole created by the gap in the front of the magwell. The R&R Mag well on the other hand, inside front edge, (on mine) act
  12. Alas the mag well takes the gun into a new dimension of being usable, it REALLY does. The difference is just night and day. The left side charging handle, also an evolutionary step forward. Once you pick one up a run it you will look at the un-modded Saiga as truly pedestrian. SORRY but it is true. That being said I have a JT Travers first gen mag well (actually a couple of them and a a bunch of modded AGP mags. I have gone to the R&R mag well with the Surefire mags to go with it. All I can say is OHHHH BUDDY ! ! ! Doug knows what I am talking about. IPSC_GUY SIERRA II ALP
  13. Ok that helps as I am gonna take it all apart anyway to paint my mag well to match the rest of the gun. I was wondering how it came apart. IPSC_GUY SIERRA II ALPHA
  14. Holy Crap this thing is long. Has anyone shortened theirs? Mine sticks so far back I have to move my trigger finger around it to get it in the trigger guard. I see a shortening and slip on button of some sort in the future. IPSC_GUY SIERRA II ALPHA
  15. I gotta go with VERA as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXccNHpB9k4 IPSC_GUY SIERRA II ALPHA
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