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  1. yes it does as long as you have a side rail
  2. there lots of laws and there not inforced becouse they are unjust , a town a county a state, and federal gov can all have laws dosent mean any one of them are gunna follow each others
  3. When two trains meet each other at a railroad crossing, each shall come to a full stop, and neither shall proceed until the other has gone. every hear of that chevy thats a law in texas and i dont see any one inforcing that, stupid laws dont get inforced same thing with ban on assualt rifles becouse its not its a rifle just like any other semi auto one how about a Austin law of Wire cutters can not be carried in your pocket. O shit arrest every electriction in the town
  4. that makes no sense what so ever, it is a law that is ony inforced by the city of chicago, no other goverment entity gives to shit and the director or the state police publicly said they would not inforce the law is your avatar directed towards yourself
  5. every shop in cook county sells them i can think of at least 4 off hand, and they have been around for like 10 plus years . Dont u think if they were so illeagal they would close the shops, it not like they are a secret and u need a pasword to get in Now if you have them in city limits. chicago PD will bust you, other than that no one bats an eye, shit i have to register all my guns with my town police department and they dont say any thing and i have 2 ak47's, ar15, ar10, a galil and a mac11, all registered in cook county and never had a problem so explain that and countless handguns
  6. yes it is all the shops sell them here and ive bought then in cook county before , and i dont see any gun shops getting shut down, also the owner said he refuses to do the transfer as a buisness owner he has the right to. im just glad that i am getting my rifle finally
  7. Yes many thanks to Kvar they have been awsome and very helpful i would recomend them to anyone
  8. no arsenal ak's, but other brands, wasr's and some half ass saiga's but no i did not , im sure Kvar will when they get it back
  9. No he had itt the detective made him produce it after i was telling him how he told me he never recieved it , even though i had a traking number and some one at his shop signed for it.
  10. So today was a productive day, after telling all my friends about the situation my one buddie said he knew a elmwood park detective and gave me his number. I went to the shop with him and he pretty much ripped he a new asshole . It was awsome. So pretty much he said that if he did not either turn over the weapon to me or ship it back to Kvar he would be filing a stolen gun report and coming back to arrest him. You should have seen the look on this assholes face classic. Like O shit i fucked up. So after that he agreed to send it back. I called Kvar right after that and told her of the situati
  11. Just so i can get my property i told him he could keep the 45..i just want to be done with this place
  12. The dealer sells the same rifles in the store there right in the window..it called the home rule or something like that that the town can decied not to follow the countys law look it up..and the state already said they will not inforce that law
  13. So they should send it back at least ..but hes refusing that also..he can send it right down the street to the other gun shop and they will do the transfer and i told him he can keep the 45 i paid him for the transfer and still no So the atf will be called tommorow and also the local police and he can deal with them i guess un till my attorney get involed
  14. I have a proceed he told me that last week He knew what was getting shipped and agreed on it now hes being a dick..this is a local gun shop..o and illegal no every shop has ak47 and ar15 even the one im having a problem with for sale in there store and there all in cook county
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