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  1. I understood X amount of parts needed replace as to which I was getting different answers so I thought I would dbl check I also posted the list of parts that I already put on the gun to describe the gun just for small talk and for any opinions of things that could be done such as a gas puck for example then you chime in and tell me I don't understand ? Your in every post on here mr 3000 posts some you don't read threw very well or make bad jokes or just make a comment to get your post count up ! No matter I will not return to this forum again . Thanks to the forum for the great info and ideas I've picked up while I was here but the smart ass post above is the exact reason I put ( kinda rude ) I won't be back thanks again to the forum for all the good info and picks . GunFun you can stick the green apples up your ass !
  2. Thanks for responding FLT. I wasn't sure about the pistol grip as -1 and how many parts the mags counted as plus the list I used counted the muzzle break as -1 . I just wanted a second opinion and make small talk as I'm a new member . Instead I get told I don't understand the law in a kinda rude way . I understood the law which is why I wanted to double check and get advice on small things I could do to meet the requirements maybe gas puck v- plug you get the point :-) at some point I do want to convert my S12 but I'm very hard on my weapons for me there not just for looks so until I find someone that will help me do this I would rather have a reliable gun instead of being another poster saying something wrong after I converted my gun thanks again FTL
  3. http://jobson.us/922r/ This was the check list I used ? It counted my muzzle break & pistol grip witch I got different opinions on after reading several pages on the forum this is why I wanted to get a few other opinions Thanks again
  4. Wow ! There was question about the pistol grip being counted as a part the calculater I found counted the grip as a part but several people on the forum said no ? Things like that was the yes or no part the drum count for example. I got the take stuff off part thanks but they have to be replaced with american parts there was conflicting info on the grip so I posted up a list for opinions I'm not going to mess with my S-12 to much it has ran perfect from day one . I just wanted to double check that drums and 10rd mags were ok to use and get any other opinions that would be out there make conversation isn't that what forums are for lol I guess thanks for the response
  5. I have an IZ-109 and here are the parts I've put on it . Yes I checked all the other post but would like a yes or no & what I can or should do Thanks Sgm tri rail Red jacket muzzle break Tapco t6 bolt on stock & pistol grip Pro mag 10rd mag or 20rd drum or 20md-arms drum Tlr-1s light Forend grip ergo Utg side rail mount Sight mark reflex sight What needs removed what can or can't I do as far as mag use goes and how many parts do drums count as ? Thanks again
  6. I know if you block the gas hole on the side of the block it can cause issues but could you explain what would cause this binding ? What binds up ? & how ? Thanks
  7. Guns4Gods

    Side mount

    Thanks at a friends he has one to get rid of . Didn't have time to search the forums on this . Thanks for quick response
  8. Guns4Gods

    Side mount

    Does the standard ak47 side optic mount work for saiga 12
  9. No it's solid but I've not had a chance to shoot it with the stock on it yet . It's just my 12 has be so reliable that I would hate to do anything that would change that. I just wanted some reassurance from people on the forum with experience thanks for responding .
  10. Would the tapco t6 pistol grip kit cause the the same pogo stick affect ? I picked one up till I can do the conversion but once again this has me wondering about reliability issues ? I'm super glad this all was brought up it has helped in a lot of ways
  11. That's funny . If mine is not blocked should I clean it when I clean the rest of the gun or just leave it alone ? Thank you again
  12. Funny how something so little can make a difference . Thanks to mullet man also . This place has so much info it can be overwhelming .
  13. Thank you ! I'm gonna have to check this out I never noticed it . Thanks again chile
  14. Can someone post a pic of this hole lol . I've got a hand guard on the way from saiga12.com and now I'm not sure i want to change it if it will cause reliability issues .
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