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  1. SOLD!!!! Tromix #S02 Custom Saiga 12 - 12GA Semiautomatic Shotgun (2012 Build) Built by the legendary Tony Rumore, this is the ultimate tactical/security shotgun. It will cycle everything from cheap walmart low brass, to 3” Magnum shells. This is the absolute best in reliability and performance. The next time Tromix will be taking orders is February 2015. Complete Conversion Performed by Tromix: - Rear of receiver re-machined to the correct angle.
 - Receiver back-plate Tig welded in place.
 - Safety selector stop welded in place.
 - Tromix trigger guard welded in place.
  2. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Shandlanos" data-cid="853867" data-time="1359169416"><p> How's the barrel?<br /> <br /> Would you be willing to ship to an FFL who'll accept shipment from an individual?</p></blockquote> How is this legal?
  3. Yeah, I think $2000 was a little low.
  4. You guys sure don't know me very well! I thought this post was hilarious...
  5. Brand New never opened MD-20 20 round 12 Gauge drum with all 3 covers (smoke, clear, black). Never fitted. $200 shipped. Message me with questions. Thanks! Darko
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