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  1. Used for a small amount of time, but has a few tiny scuffs on them from storage. $35 shipped for both. Prefer discreet PP gift or you pay the fee. Cross-posted. Stating "I'll take it" in the thread gets first dibs. Cross-posted - First Post stating "I'll take it" gets it.
  2. cobravenom39

    ***UPDATE to Vepr 12 Lower HG from our friend in the UK***

    What was the charge in US from Oleg?
  3. cobravenom39

    What are you guys cleaning your V12 with?

    I couldn't let this go.
  4. Works flawlessly and is in great condition. Previous owner wrote the windage and elevation arrows in silver paint (can be removed with thinner) This runs on the coin-battery and isn't as susceptible to recoil as the AA model. Does not come with case or tool, only what you seen in the pics (including one installed and one extra battery) As seen here: More Info $350 shipped and insured takes it. Discreet PP gift or add the 3.5%, serve or pop money. Prefer NOT to do a MO, but will if I have to. I answer emails faster than IMs
  5. Just like the title says. Previous owner says it's been mounted but no one's ever shot out of it. Has some finish wear, but chrome is bright! $55 shipped First one who says, "I'll take it" gets it. Cross-posted [span style=font-size: 18pt][span style=color: red]I answer emails faster than PM's![/span][/span] Discreet PP gift or add the 4, serve or popmoney preferred.
  6. Up for sale is a new take off New Black NATO KVAR Buttstock for Stamped rifles - includes hardware. $45 shipped OBO Prefer discreet PP gift or 3.5%, serve or POP money. MO if you must I answer emails faster than PMs.
  7. cobravenom39

    Bayo/Cleaning Rod & 74 Brake option with Factory Threads???

    Yeah, you need to order a 100 series FSB from MARKW1 in the for sale section. That ak-142R that someone posted a link to hasn't been in stock in 2 years and they've been selling on the open market in updwards of $200.
  8. You would need an adapter, but it would work. $50 shipped
  9. Got this on a trade and don't know too much about it. It seems solid, though. It has an insert that lockes it from side to side in the rear sight block and set screws to keep it in place in the back. Cross-posted, so timestamp rules the day. $40 OBO shipped
  10. No trades, but still available
  11. New takeoffs off my SGL's. I had them converted to GB/FSB combos, so I have them for sale. These are Russian new takeoffs in excellent shape. They were removed by Chris Butler from AK-103.com $65 shipped each Two new SGL Take-off fixed stock trunnions $20 shipped each.
  12. cobravenom39

    we need a tutorial to fit bulgarian circle 10

    In most cases I would agree with you, BUT this is a $250 rifle. Mags are $30 a piece. I'm going to mod my rifle. Most of us have more than $250 into our Saigas and would rather have a magazine fail versus the rifle's front trunnion. While I agree with you, It's still a $250 rifle. I have one getting converted to AK102 spec by Chris Butler that's going to cost me $1500. It doesn't change the fact that I could pull most of that stuff off and it'll be a $250 rifle. I'm having him mod the rifle to take Bulgy mags. Any AK that doesn't accept surplus fully supported/caged mags is a paperweight IMHO.
  13. cobravenom39

    we need a tutorial to fit bulgarian circle 10

    In most cases I would agree with you, BUT this is a $250 rifle. Mags are $30 a piece. I'm going to mod my rifle.
  14. Take off of my T1, never been mounted. $50 shipped gets it.... Discreet online payment gift / +3% or USPS MO only Email me, I don't check my PMs often enough.
  15. Hey guys, Up for sale is this Midwest Industries Handguard Topcover for Aimpoint T1 FDE gently used in original packaging. Item is cross-posted USPS MO or discreet PP gift/+4%
  16. ALL SOLD********************* Up for sale is one two warsaw length black stocks with hardware (screws and sling loops) Both black and $45 shipped each. 1 new 7.62 compensator SOLD and 1 slightly used 5.45 compensator SOLD. They are take-offs and are not the chrome-line version $45 shipped for the 5.45 and $50 shipped for 7.62 **cross-posted** so time stamp gets it. All parts are U.S. made. I accept discreet PP gift or plus 4% or USPS money order. Email me for fastest response. I take forever to check PMs
  17. ***TWS is sold and AKARS is SPF*********** TWs Dogleg has been used and is in good shape. Comes with TWS recoil spring, but no peep sight. I never bought it. $120 shipped (top) AKARS is brand new and never mounted. $125 shipped. (bottom) Email for fastest response. Cross-posted. I take discreet paypal plus 3% or USPS money orders If you say you will take it, paypal must be recieved within 24 hours and money orders need to be recieved in a week.