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  1. Thanks for the replies. I got pissed off and took it to a gsmith today at lunch. It just wasn't budging and I didn't want to break anything. I'm not really that handy and I was starting to go all gorilla on it. He's familiar with the AK platform so he should have no problem fixing this. He looked at it and instantly knew what had happened. He didn't tell me how he was going to fix it, but then again if he did why would I have to pay him? Such a nuisance. Thanks again for the advice. I'll post back when its all squared away.
  2. I hope the pics help. That's as good as I could make them. It tough photographic this stuff as if you use too much light it gets way too reflective. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. Ok. I'm at my wits end with this thing. I was at my buddies house yesterday to look it over. I think I described that the bolt was locked forward, but its actually locked back. That stupid BHO plate has popped up and won't the action come forward. The spring has come off it and is poking through the BHO button hole. We've tried everything and can't get it to budge. This is exhausting. Suggestions? Besides throwing this thing in a dumpster You can see the marks from the screwdriver we were using with a hammer to attempt to push the plate back and
  4. The fishing line is genius!!! Although we found the shepherds crook was a bitch to get in there too. Any tricks for that? He got the dust cover off. Now we just need a tool that will fit in there to try and get the BHO plate down and back under the rail.
  5. We put a bend on the spring, as well as put a notch on the bho to keep it from sliding off. I think spartacus might be on to something with there being too much slop between the bho and axis point on the hammer. The bho moving in and then up above the rail would explain why the bho button went up into the receiver and why we now can't move the bolt back. Question is.... What do we do next? We're stuck as we can't access anything with the bolt stuck int the forward position.
  6. We used the tromix FCG. Which is supposedly pre modifed so we didn't dremel anything off. Is it possible that there is too much material removed by tromix? Step one. We need to figure out how to get this damn apart first
  7. We reused the stock bho and filed a small notch in the tab where the spring sits to keep it from sliding off. How it came off I have no idea....
  8. Do you have a pic or anything? I have no idea what the retainer wire/plate is....
  9. So a friend and I have been converting my 12 with parts from Greg at CSS. Not the easiest thing we've ever done, but certainly not the hardest either. Trick is to not rush it and take your time. I'm certain we could do another in probably half the time now that we're through the learning curve. Well most of the curve anyway. Per gregs instructions, we filed a groove in the bolt hold open lever arm to prevent the hold open lever spring from slipping off. Everything seemed fine, although it's a bitch to get that damn axis pin through the center of the spring without it slipping off.
  10. We're about 9/10's through the conversion process, to include installing a receiver block for a side folder. Wow, this is a bitch It's definitely not a 2 hour project. The whole thing is pretty involved. To do it again would probably go much quicker, but I found the learning curve pretty steep. The tolerances are so loose that many of the parts don't just snap in due to alignment issues. I'm looking forward to the reduced size. If we finish today, test fire at the range will be a must.
  11. Are there any videos that deal with the conversion process? I'm think I'm going to do this. I'm really dissatisfied with just how long this rifle is. Converted with a side folder would make it very manageable when stored. As it sits now, even with the T6 collapsible stock, it's huge!!!
  12. That's my concern as well. The owner contacted me about putting a deposit down. Seems a little sketchy to say the least. I looked and looked on the web, but could only find discussion about this setup, but no actual owners yet. I was hoping somebody had managed to get their hands on it to give a full review. Nothing so far I guess....
  13. So has anyone managed to actually get one of these yet? I know there has been a lot of talk on here, but I can't seem to find anyone that has had one actually delivered and installed yet. http://www.kushnapup.com/
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