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  1. Yeah, I'd edit my post if I could. Maybe I can and I'm just overlooking the button?
  2. Glad I read this thread, reminded me of the awesomes. Salad: Little chicken caesar salad, with bacon. drink - water Appetizers: Cheese and bacon potato skins. Mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings. drink - water Meal: Corned beef. Twice baked potatoes, steak fries, and mashed red potatoes with bacon. Corn on the cob. drink - diet pepsi (hey, shut up!) Aftermeal meal: Some buffalo tenders, spicy as shit. A couple slices of pizza with bacon. drink - BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER. Whatever I'm in the mood for. And a couple shots of JD or wild turkey, depending on my mood. Dessert:
  3. My best advice is don't get a variable rate on the loan you take out. I'd get a Red 9 so I could use 9mm.
  4. Twinsen

    Bowling Pins

    .308 on pins for me has always just made tiny little holes, but I only shoot FMJ. Big stuff blows them apart, like shotgun slugs and .44 magnum. .223 on pins does pretty much nothing to them. My advice: Bring more than 3 pins ready to hang. Bring your extra hardware, like your chain and hooks for the frame. I bet if you nail one of the chains with a .308 you got a good chance of tearing it out it of the frame.
  5. Chinese optics are great. I sure love mine. Nice pot metal screw stripped with almost no torque, had to pry it off my gun. Then I hit it with a hammer a few times for good measure. Took it to the next gun show, the second the guy saw me walk over to his table with the box in my hand he replaced it. I didn't say a word, he knew, because he knows he's selling horrible shit and doesn't want me hanging around complaining in front of potential customers he can rip off. When he opened the box, he got angry, but I was already walking away and laughing. "Ahh, haha, sir! Excuse me, sir! Hah
  6. It's sad that everybody I know including myself is a criminal. Not literally, but to just about every cop I come in contact with. Guilty until proven innocent. What are you doing here, citizen? Probably up to no good. I'm going to illegally search you now. COMPLY! I don't hold it against them anymore. They're all like 22 years old and just got back from fighting a war. I keep my "severely being pissed off at cops" moments to the couple hours following the latest harassment. Then I get over it, and maybe mention it on the internet where it can be ignored.
  7. Just means I gotta start buying everything with cash. If they're gonna go this far to strip my rights away, I can try to stop them from doing so. Isn't this getting out of hand? If a person bought one million rounds of ammo I wouldn't question it. What harm can you do with 1,000 bullets that you couldn't do with a rock? I could kill a man with a rock without trying. Go ban rocks. It's obvious the only reason they'd ever question that ammo sale, because it could be used to arm a group of citizens. Armed citizens scare the government a lot.
  8. I'm guessing the origin of Chili is some Texan stealing it from some Latino dude and eventually removing the beans. Unless you have proof otherwise. It's hard to imagine the south came up with any tex-mex that wasn't just a perversion of some good south american food, THAT ALL HAS BEANS.
  9. just had a great day at the range with a friend that doesn't shoot enough. Anybody ever have a bolt gun fire on closing of the bolt?

  10. Trick table. At 1:59 and for the next 10 seconds or so you can see the imperfection in the table where the clear rubber mates with the glass. It looks like a crack or scratch. What he's doing with his fingers is trying to true it up so there is no obvious imperfection. The people there must have been able to see it.
  11. So what, we're repressing information on here now? The chairman has spoken!
  12. Like these guys said, make sure you got a shiny bore and a firing pin that isn't busted up. Grab it, take it home, clean the living piss out of it. You are now a Mosin expert.
  13. Now don't go pussying out on pressing charges. Testify, send ass(es) to jail.
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