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  1. I want to get one and make a 7-8 inch SBS out of it. Something like this but 12ga.
  2. Re read the second paragraph. They plan to make all parts once stock is depleted. Why would they spend so much $ and tooling for a limited run before shutting down.
  3. The international sanctions imposed by the United States, Canada and the United Europe are hitting the Russian-based "Concern Kalashnikov" pretty hard, and all the companies operating under its umbrella − more specifically Baikal and IZHMASH. As long as the sanctions will be in effect, the Russian conglomerate won't be able to export any civilian-grade or military-grade firearm to the lucrative European and north-American markets. Due to the sanctions, the RWC Group LLC. corporation − the official U.S. importer of "Concern Kalashnikov" products − will not receive any further stock, at least for the foreseeable future, of IZHMASH and Baikal-branded firearms; hence why decision was taken to manufacture the Saiga-based rifles and carbines totally in-house and in the United States, in order not to deprive American shooters of such highly-regarded platforms. Specifically conceived for RWC and for the U.S. market and built around an average IZHMASH Saiga-12 receiver, the new IZ109T semi-automatic shotgun sports a 46,35cm/18.¼" smoothbore barrel with a permanently attached "Monster Muzzle Brake" device. The black polymer ventilated, checkered handguard is a standard issue for the Saiga line of shotguns, but the rest of the furniture on the IZ109T model is provided by CAA Tactical. More specifically, the IZ109T semi-automatic shotgun comes with a black synthetic, ergonomic CAA Tactical UPG47 pistol grip (the trigger group has been moved forward from the original position to accommodate it) and with a black synthetic CAA Tactical SKBS collapsing buttstock, featuring an integrated cheekpiece and recoil-absorbing buttpad. The new IZ109T semi-automatic shotgun is 1,16mt/40" long overall, 3,79kg/8.36lbs heavy when empty, and sports a standard AK/AKM controls configuration to make familiarization easier for shooters who already own or operate AK-type rifles. Its detachable magazine holds up to ten 12-gauge, 76mm/3" ("Magnum") shotshells.
  4. Roll on the throttle and the front comes off the ground in every gear.
  5. It's too bad that the unconditional surrender resulted in a Japanese military that can't save their own men or aid allies in combat...
  6. Why you haven't seen me active on the forums for a while. https://www.facebook.com/ChurchOfTheRose
  7. Here is my KX 500 http://www.ebay.com/itm/251815535973?forcerRptr=true&item=251815535973&viewitem=&sspagename=ADME:L:LCA:MOTORS:1123 I have a few hundred rounds ea of FMJ, AP and 55 gn V-Max in .223/5/56 I have a few hundred pcs of 308 brass At least 1000pcs sorted mil 5.56 LC brass sorted bags 100rds/ea of other headstamps. Also have a 68 VW Baja Bug that needs a rear window and the engine re assembled (torn down to block but its all there, just needs rings and bearings) Will have pics of it Sunday, maybe an E-Bay listing.
  8. Armalite No other "AR-10" is an AR-10, it's trademark infringement. Been building AR type rifles of all calibers for over a decade, no other 308 type holds a candle to it. Of course Troy and LaRue are pretty good... But those are copies. If the rear of the upper/lower is rounded and not a streight angle I don't even bother. If your not getting an Armalight, get a FN FAL or H-SCAR.
  9. Saw the movie, wore my Maroon Beret to the film like I do everyplace, people were respectfull enough to leave it at "thanks for your service" as I walked out. Never met the man in person but talked guys who had (this all before he was killed), film was accurate. Talked to a couple of these friends after seeing the movie, genneral opinion was the book was imbellished in some small ways but the movie was not. As far as the critics. There is a former SEAL that lost all my respect when he didn't drop his lawsuit reguarding details in the book and instead desided to go ahead and sue a widdow since his primary target was dead. IMHO the above mentioned "SEAL" should be stripped of that title even if said "stripping" was only a letter signed by a few other SEALs. There is a fat film maker I respect more. At least he admit's he was an idiot for his tweets...
  10. First of all I want to say, I do not advise anyone to attempt to load ANY ammunition beyond the pressure levels recommended by reputable component/ammunition manufacturers. Even if you are watching brass and chronograph readings to estimate pressure you are getting only an estimate ie a good guess as to what pressures you are dealing with. So now to the fun stuff. Development of what I call MK262 MOD3 First I selected the Berger 77gn OTM Tactical as people loading it have reported better accuracy and soft tissue damage than the SMK. I started with min loads and worked up just like anyone should when developing a load. I used Lake City brass 1.759" max length Rem 7 1/2 BR primers 8208XBR Berger 77gn OTM .224 I debated using a LFC to crimp but I had good neck tension while loading the Bergers into the cases and I had no setback during testing in spite of my test rifle having a 2X power buffer spring, heavy buffer and mil spec weight bolt carrier assembly. My barrel is 16.125" 1/7 twist with 5.56 chamber, gas system is adjustable and was tuned for optimum operation with Black Hills white box "seconds" 77gn 5.56 Match. SAMMI uses a min spec chamber and barrel for .223 for pressure testing and place a strain gage at the mid point of the chamber. NATO calls for a min spec 5.56 chamber and measures pressure at the case mouth. I used Black Hills MK262 MOD1 and its Nato Max Pressure spec of 58700psi to calibrate my strain gage located 0.25" closer to the breech from the case shoulder on my rifle. I fired 5 known rounds of BH MK262 MOD1 and used the difference between the highest reading and Nato Max to weight my pressure readings. I also fired 2 more that I got from a "friend" that were rumored to be second hand from actual mil inventory but I have know way to confirm or deny the claim nor would I due to legality issues. I assume they were just more of the BH seconds... Since my chamber and bore are not NATO min spec actual pressure should be slightly lower than the readings I got. Now for some pretty graphics. First 5 rounds are BH Seconds last 2 are Rumored MK262 MOD1 NOTE THE BOOK MAX FOR 8208 and 77gn SMK is 23.2gn!!! My strain gage (adjusted with the goal of duplicating SAMMI pressure data from a min spec test fixture) confirms Loads above this point are over 55,000psi!!! SAMMI MAX for .223 With a minor adjustment + .1-.2gn this load would duplicate MK262 in my rifle with less pressure. The following load produces about 50 more fps than MK262 with similar pressure. The last pic is the fired brass, 5 of each load left lowest right highest, last row of 5 is BH MK262 I have 30 rounds loaded with 24.2gn 8208XBR 15 LFC crimped and 15 not crimped. I plan on getting 10 round strings for each than 1 10 round string 5 of each on same string to show any difference between the two.
  11. Sorry been personally involved in too many "Your item will be ready in two more weeks." incidents. I find it interesting when people say things like "I don't share your opinion but I also won't share info I have that will either support your opinion or back up mine."
  12. Sure has come a long ways. Now I need a spair $200 and I'll make it an AK12SU.
  13. Offer $550 cash, let him haggle up, the work of iniatial break in has been done so even $625 or so might be fair considering you skip the hassle of paperwork.
  14. On list, got call today they wanted $, I said I wanted an invoice/paper billing as it constitutes a binding contract that is easier to enforce in my state. He was really adiment I get the check in the mail ASAP... Kind of a turn off and a red flag for me for a product he admits he "should get back from anodizing today"... Would like to get PM'd price you guys were told, I will PM back my price... Trying to figure out how UP and UP this guy operates.
  15. Foreign weapon + Noob + DIY upgrades = Felony more times than not. I sujest an imediate teardown followed by a proper 922 conversion at a later date.
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