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  1. there has been obvious trollers, on other sites, trying to Poo-poo all threads concerning this... start your phone wars to your congressmen now!
  2. Yep, and thank God I am one of them. Allthough you can't trust that lying sack of crap Rick Perry. He got re-elected on stateing one thing, " if the federal govt. won't build a fence, then I will!" He now attends every CFR and Builderburger meeting he can find.
  3. and if you think they are not specifically targeting reloaders on this as well, read this: The main threat to hand-loading is legislation that mandates "encoded ammunition" by June 2011. I'm not sure how many states have passed these laws, but my local gun shop said two of them are close to Ohio. These laws would require you to dispose of ALL un-encoded ammunition by 2011. Encoded ammo would need to have a seriel number inside the brass, and a matching serial number on the bottom of the bullet (not the casing). Reloads would not have the required matching serial number on the bullet. S
  4. didn't know where else to put this; http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=...mp;pageId=95733 you need to start calling your congressmen, and whitehouse, now! hope the moderators put this everywhere!!!
  5. not to sound stupid; but if yo uadd the bullet guide , are you telling me that then the Saiga factory mags, and the aftermarket Saiga mags no longer worky?
  6. Oh no; I see it can use the origional trigger guard, you just need to get the extra screws for it to be used.
  7. cool , good info; so then the origional Saiga trigger guard no worky, huh?
  8. I just tried to email them earlier, but got a failure notice. So I figured the homies here would know; I just bought 2 of the fabulous trigger pacs from Texas ak, now a vendor listed on Saiga 12, and I am going to go ahead and do full conversion However, if I buy the buttstock, and pistol grip from Dinzag, along with the bullet guides, do the stock and grip, as well as other parts, come with the neces- sary hardware/screws/nuts/etc. to assemble them/put them on? and if not, does Dinzag sell the hardware? Thanks Rangerruck.
  9. 5.45 is a superior flesh killer; what it is , a lead bullet, in the core, a short steel rod, then a blank space, then lead , just a bit, in the top cap, followed by hollow point or soft tip. so when it penetrates, the front of the bullet crushes down, and curves a bit, to spill through flesh like a wheat sickle blade. then , when it hits dsomething hard, the tip mushes down, the steel core piece comes slamming through the empty space, into the front of the bullet, where it blows the front of the bullet into pieces, when it slams into the rear of it. Nasty!!!! from point blank range , out
  10. cool ,was not sure about that; if you buy a hicap from the above places, do they tell you this, in any paperwork that may come with the mag? I would think it strange if they did not.
  11. I know that master's, and surefires, are considered 3 parts for 922. However, if you don't convert your 308 saiga, is it still then perfectly legal to use these mags, or do we still need to change out 1 other part?
  12. I know, one has nothing to do with the other, but here goes. I just talked to Big John , the owner , FACE TO FACE, of ammunitiontogo.com , so this is the straight deal, if you buy a case of Eley mach 2 ammo, that is 2000 rounds, your cost will be 139.00 plus shipping. You must call or email the receptionist, tell them you are a member of Rimfirecentral.com, and ask for the eley/139 dollar deal on, and you will get it!!! How schweet. Also he was not sure, but he said his most expensive shipping is usually from here (Texas) to Delaware or Maine, an that shipping was like 10 or 11 bucks for t
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