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  1. Hey I'll play. 2520 3220 4570 Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  2. Are the 10 round Saiga 12 Promag magazines any good? What about Gen 2 AGP 10 round magazines? The only other brand I know of is Surefire, but I haven't been able to find any really good deals on Surefire mags lately, but if they are the better magazine I will wait and get those. Just looking for some advice from you experienced guys
  3. Hey everyone! Just bought my S12 Monday and I am looking into getting some magazines for it. So far I have been intrigued by the MD Arms drums that are on sale and the AGP 10rnd box mags. Would I be good to go stocking up on these or should I look into surefire or some other brand of mag? I looked at the wraithmaker drums, but I am not interested in shelling out that kind of money. Thanks for any advice!
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