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  1. RedHairIsTrouble

    New Mods

    Oh, I got him all right. And we found out this morning, not only is there video of Matt tearing up some targets with the saiga, there's a video of me playing with the big toy too. :-) He did tell me though "I think you're enjoying this a little *too* much" How can you enjoy it too much? I don't get it...
  2. RedHairIsTrouble

    New Mods

    Matt & I went to the range last night and got some video of the saiga (law enforcement only version) in action. The video clip is about 15 meg, if anyone has MSN or AIM and wants to see it, get ahold of me at "Redhairistrouble" on AIM or "redhairistrouble@aol.com" is my contact email for MSN and I can send you the video. We're trying to find a site to host the video so you can all see it. The new rail held up fine, the forgrip stayed on tight - but the light slipped out again from the recoil, you can even see it at the end of the video, with the last shot, the light came loose. Going to have to either scrap the light idea or find some way to make it stay. We even brought my hippie-type anti-gun friend (she actually pointed out a John Kerry sticker on a car on the way there).. but we took her to the range anyway, "just to watch"... We're working on another convert. She even fired off three rounds from the saiga, which for a tiny tan girl in a skirt and flip flops, it was pretty funny to see. And here's my handy-work: http://www.villagephotos.com/viewpubimage.asp?id_=8875216
  3. "Pam's" QUOTE: I don't understand how all guns didn't get banned after Columbine. Reply QUOTE: Because guns didn't kill the majority of those killed at Columbine? Pipe bombs did. You know, bombs made out of household goods, over a period of several months, right under the noses of their all too concerned parents. Okay, now. If you're going to argue with the trolls, at least get your facts straight. None of the students at Columbine were killed by the bombs planted in the school. Not a one. All of the students (and the one teacher) who died were shot. Now that that's clear... Maybe instead of name calling, someone should educate "Pam". Obveously, if she is for real, she got these crazy views from somewhere. I know that I used to think "oooh.. guns are bad. Guns kill people." And now - because someone took the time to explain WHY guns are good in the right hands - and how screwed up and in danger we'd be as a country if the citizens couldn't own guns - I understand, and am totally *PRO* gun. As a matter of fact, I had a lot of fun shooting when I've been - and I'd like to own one myself. You catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar. ... And on that note - Pam can go blow a goat.
  4. RedHairIsTrouble

    Saiga 12 Mag Adaption

    "Don't get frustrated BattleRifle, Bvamp is talking out of his a$$ again. I've just gotten used to his nonsense ramblings and ignore his posts. I award him the A$$ Clown award for this forum" Why don't we have a little emoticon of a troll over there? I can't believe this guy blatently admitted to trolling, and people are still feeding him. I guess I can't really blame him for continuing to argue even after "coming out from under the troll bridge" because people are still willing to argue. ::shrug:: Anywho - "Lagomorph" - yes, I got a good laugh out of your user name. I was actually online looking for a certain kind of rabbit last nite when I was looking over.. someone's.. shoulder who was reading the board and decided I wanted to comment.