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  1. Somewhere I read someones post about pinning the FSB on, and they recommended "sighting it in" first, at the range, then marking it and pinning it in place. Kinda like bore sighting a scope I guess. I can't find the thread, but had a question about it. Was that only for a saiga that originally had a pressed on sight, where you have to drill pin holes yourself? My factory FSB was pinned, so it already has holes, so am I correct in assuming that i'm not gonna be able to budge it from where the pin holes are anyway so might as well pin the new one where the pins line up, and just drif
  2. Stuck a cleaning kit into mine, and its been stuck there since. When I have time, ill sand it out inside, or see what its catching on.
  3. Just popping in to share current ammo prices. Just bought 1260 round tin of Yugoslavian from AIMsurplus comes in big spam can. Cost per round: $0.17 (excluding shipping costs, since it varies by zipcode)
  4. I love wood on AKs, but I need to go US made. There are some nice US wood furniture makers, but they are expensive! I like it! I do have the urge to get a nice eotech one day.. *I've never actually gripped a quadrail but the thing looks kinda sharp to grab onto!(?)
  5. I've been searching the classifieds, and can't find any quality affordable used US furniture. I was wondering if it's common for you fellas to change hand guards often? If a lot of you later upgrade to foregrips with rails and stuff, maybe I'll hold out a little longer in search of something suitable coming along. Only thing I'm worried about is after I make a big deal trying to find something, I'll decide a month later that I need to start attaching stuff and need some picatinny rails, lol! Did you stay "traditional"?
  6. Thanks Mancat, I'll hold off until I've got a hand guard to user as a spacer. I want to get it nice and snug. I'm hoping to pick up a used set of k-var hand guards in the classifieds section!
  7. Ended up slicing two seams down either side. I was worried about hitting the barrel so I didn't get it down far enough to crack apart, but it loosed a little bit and I was able to whack down off the end of the barrel. Thanks finishman, I was about to ask about the HG retainer. I don't have a set yet, and wasn't sure if I should wait to cut the barrel notch until after I had them. Not lining up too well when the HG retainer is pushed all the way towards receiver.
  8. Thanks for the link, AZG. Great thread, but it doesn't give much of any information for removing the gas block. Sounds like he cut it off, I may just try that.
  9. Not sure of the best way to knock off the gas block? (my search didn't turn up much on the subject) Any tips or tricks you've found short of just beating the heck out of it? I was sloppy with the FSB and put few dings on my barrel, and want to try to do the gas block a little more civilized.. Thanks fellas!
  10. No, dinzag's grip screw nut is metal, though it is molded not forged.(unless I'm mistaken)
  11. Thanks guys! I keep flip flopping on the bolt hold open. Needing to find floss to put the gun back together seems like one more complication that might be best to avoid. I think I'll hold on to it, but will probably not install it. Took it for another tryout at the range, and all went well!
  12. Hey guys, finally made some headway on the rear conversion, afer stalling on waiting for parts and getting a calliper to sketch out thef PG hole dimentions. couple last issues before Im "done". I'm confused about the Tapco G2 trigger I got from Dinzag..: It comes with a thin sleeve holding things together.. does that stay? or get taken out before installing. Also, his site has an instruction sheet, which says to install with the "original" spring.. does that mean the one it comes with, or to take out the one he provides and use the spring the saiga trigger used(if not, wou
  13. Awesome! Thanks so much! Just what I needed.
  14. Had a blast doing the work up to this, but now what? Does anyone have measurements or a template for positioning the pistol grip hole? Does it require an extra hard drill bit?( I had no trouble drilling out the pins but I assume they are softer than the receiver)
  15. Thanks so much guys. Appreciate the feedback. Didn't mean to forget about this thread, summer class and work has kept me busy. It's a little nerve wracking doing this for the first time without someone looking over your shoulder. Got my FCG and bullet guide kit in the mail yesterday! Gonna get started soon!
  16. Which type did they send you? 1st pic or 2nd pic? Is one of those not a OEM magazine? ( I'm curious as mine, bought used, came with the mag to the right)
  17. Evening folks, Need a break from Calculus homework, so I come to you all with a pile of questions. No short way to say this, so pour a drink and get comfortable if you've got time to burn. Been scouring the archives, but it somehow seems every build is different and its hard to get a picture of what i'm really going to be doing here. Picture this, A kid buys himself a cheap WASR-10, and has some trouble with it. Firing pin pierces primers, trigger has "slap", magazine well is too tight for most double stack mags. He figures out how to fix the above problems(for
  18. Looking to start my conversion with a new trigger group. (search funtion didn't return any results for me.. though im sure this is a common question sorry if it's a jambog) $32 shipped from amazon is the cheapest I can find for a tapco G2 double hook. Is "double hook = more authentic = better" the general consensus? Will I also need new pins for the FCG? Thanks!
  19. I'm not sure.. I do see an "03" Anything special about that particular year that I should know?
  20. Was a little surprised to find silver pins, a silver sight adjuster and a bolt hold open! Was hoping to have the dimples, but alas. Paid a fair price, less than what I almost paid for a 20" barrel(and would have had to pay to chop it down). Looks like its time to start shopping for parts!
  21. <h3 style="margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; padding-top: 8px; padding-right: 8px; padding-bottom: 8px; padding-left: 8px; background-image: initial; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: rgb(213, 222, 229); "></h3> atakacorp That is one sweet setup! I had something similar in mind if I kept the longer barrel. I love the look of a thumb hole stock with scope, and bi-pod. My first priority is something a little more maneuverable I think. Thanks for all the replies fol
  22. Any idea what a gunsmith might charge to cut it down, move the font sight post back, and thread for a muzzle break? I Have a chance to get an local unconverted saiga 7.62x39 for $415. Its got a 20" barrel, however, which I think is going to be too long when i convert it. Thanks!
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