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  1. Its by feel really, just used a 3/16 bit until It went through the gas block and front sight, you still have to press them off after.
  2. Old welders trick, get a piece of flat copper at least 1/8 thick, thicker works best. Clamp the copper on the inside of the hole and the welding rod or wire does not stick to it.
  3. Her AR has a brake, practaclly zero recoil. She still prefers the feel of the lttle Saiga, she says she likes it, feels like shes shooting a powerfull rifle not a toy.
  4. I was going to buy a Krebs but they were sold out, I called Lenny Bolton, his GBS only comes with a 45 degree gas port, Saigas have a 90. I have been welding for over 30 years so I figured it why not give it a try. The welding was the easy part, grinding and sanding it smooth was the real challenge.
  5. Yes re-rivet the rear trunnion were I removed the scope mount. The grip is a US Palm. http://www.us-palm.com/index.php?option=com_products&view=product&id=2 The dust cover was an attempt at getting the TechSight cover from rattling and not being such a pain to get off the rifle. Its a great sight but the cover needs work. I had just bought a TWS top cover and loved the way it works so I milled a piece of cold rolled steel to fit the factory sight slot and welded it to the front of the cover after i shortened the cover to hinge out. The rear of the cover had to be shaved to sli
  6. I will put a folder on it when I move to a free state.
  7. My wife loves her AR but she has been watching my recent fascination with converting Saiga rifles to the AK format. She has shot other AKs but they are too heavy for her. I recently bought another used Saiga so I decided to build her a lightweight AK. I wanted to lighten the front so I welded the front sight on the gas block. We decided she does not need a flash hider so no muzzle device of any kind was installed. She likes aperture sights, I had a TechSight from another build that got swapped for a TWS gen II top cover. I like the TWS top cover and do not like the rattle of the TechS
  8. Sorry about the crappy cell pic. I used a VLTOR adapter and a Magpul CTR with cheek riser, works great.
  9. Anyone have a preference or experience with one or all of these mounts? From what I have been reading these are the best choices. 1-Molot Vepr mount 2-KAVAR KV-04S 3-Belarus BP02
  10. I did a search and could not find a specific topic on a .308 conversion. Can someone help out a newbie and show me where to find the info for the removal of the bottom plate by the trigger? Or a complete "how to" for just the .308? Thanks.
  11. Looking for a copy of Guns & Ammo complete book of the AK47 from 2009.
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