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  1. just the camera or shadow. i took an amd65tech extended brake and welded a spacer from ace hardware, and blindpinned the whole thing for 16.5 barrel length
  2. im going to put this project on hiatus. gonna turn the build into a khyber 105, and eventually put an underfolder on it. after giving it much thought, i think this project would fare better if it was in 7.62, for two reasons: more pressure, and the ease of the 45 degree gas port hole. exactly. the 45 degree port on my amd is a 1/2 inch away from the muzzle. and it goes. even after testing it with a handful of dirt, it shot like an ak should. this is why my next build will be this project but for now the 5.45x39 gets turned into a 105 wasnt able to group. it was pretty much a b
  3. took it out last week. it is shortstroking. the carrier moves back, but only 1/2 an inch. i am thinking of drilling the gas port hole bigger, about 1/8. i am actually suprised it is short stroking. my previous build, the amd65 with galil gas block, has the 45 degree port 1/2 inch away from muzzle, and it cycles really well. if this doesnt work, then i guess there is too much of a pressure drop way up front on a 16 inch, and ill just go ahead and turn this into an ak105 clone
  4. The part I don't understand is adding weight should make the reward bolt movement heavier and cause more recoil when it is in motion, whether it be later or not, as he explained with the barrel whip. That should make all follow up shots less accurate, which would reduce the accurizing factors of extending the area between the GB and its original position. I think its a great project, don't get me wrong. I just want to know how well it does in increasing accuracy overall, not just per bullet i realize that there will most likely be barrel whip. but since the gas block is so moved forw
  5. my previous build had a 45 degree galil gas block on an amd65 barrel. the gas port is 1/8 in, and 1/2 inch away from the muzzle, with an extended amd65 brake at the end. cycles fine. so that gave me hope when doing this. i drilled the new gas port hole to be the same size as the original that came on the barrel. but as for cycling and dwell time, that is the reason for using an ak74 brake. i am hoping the brake can provide enough backpressure to cycle the action, just in case. and being that its a brake, it should add performance by reducing recoil also, take a look at the AKSU. it
  6. i plan on testfiring soon, yes. i moved the gas block forward after seeing the slowmo vids of the ak. the barrel in front of the gas block would whip when the ation would begin to cycle, and the fsb all the way at the end adding weight did not seem to help (if the galil is an improved, accurized version of the ak, then i feel that there is a reason they went with the fs/gb combo instead of adding a seperate fsb all the way at the end as in the standary ak47/akm/74) . if the bullet is still in the barrel while it is whipping that would affect accuracy. by putting the gas block more forw
  7. finally finished this up. put a PSL gas tube and piston on a bulgy 74, and moved a custom fs/gb up to the fsb journal. relocated gas port hole as well. need to testfire before paint, but i did this in an attempt to acurize the 74.
  8. ak74 with psl gas piston, custom fs/gb sleeved to the fsb journal almost done
  9. i aligned it using the "that looks about right to me" method before welding. bad idea. so might have to redo it again
  10. yes it is 14x1lh as for playing around with an amd brake, i have tried cutting one up and welding it to the front of an ak74 brake to see if i can make a loud brake even louder. it came out pretty ugly and i scrapped using it, but if you wanna play around with this idea as well please tell us the results
  11. ive always wanted an amd65, but never got over its ugly (to me) utilitarian look. so i built one, with mods. it was a bit of a challenge because everything required refitting or shimming. amd65 pattern barrel, amd65 front trunnion, amd65 length piston, extended 3 hole brake from amd65tech which i extended further by an inch at the end, amd65 trigger guard, and built on a 1.5mm receiver. the rest polish underfolder, NOS bolt & carrier, selector, bulgarian hinge block, gas tube, hand guards, resized cleaning rod, tula krink dustcover, russian pistol grip, galil front sight gas b
  12. good shit. i gotta get one of them someday to play around with. but will it accept a 75rnd drum??
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