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  1. I think the barrel length was 20 or 22. Yes, thats the buttstock cut off of the original stock. Kushnapup has you cut off the tang and then you don't need that but I just couldn't do it! They dont provide any instructions except for the 12 guage but its pretty easy to do with the 410.
  2. I am finidng the trigger on my 545X39 Kush to be quite acceptable. Long take up but a nice stop and then a 5lb let off thats fairly crisp. Good enough to shoot 2.5 - 3 inch groups with open sights at 100 yards, which is baout as good as I shoot. I just used the hammer spring that CSS sells and rough polished the trigger and hammer sear surfaces.
  3. Engine enamel has been one of mys secrets for cheap gun finishing for years. Ive actually done some very cool looking 1911s with it using standard auto polishing compounds to produce a very slick glossy finish on slides and frames. Also did several CZ82s this way. BBQ black isn't to bad for a durable flat black finish. Lately I have been doing a lot of sponge camo jobs on my Saigas and ARs using Duplicolor camo paimt for woodland an desert schemes and 3 colors of auto primer for urban camo. Not quite as durable but touches up easily. Durability is enhanced with a couple of coats of matte
  4. I find that going to 14.5 with a pinned on brake makes a big difference to me. The couple of inches between 16 and 18 seem like a big deal on my weapons. This guy does that kind of work and does it well for small amount of coin. It is from JB Armory.
  5. hmm... whats that say about me having 15??? Now that funny right there!
  6. I like it. Dont make me buy another KPup stock.......
  7. Man, I would be on NY most wanted with 8 Saigas and beau coup ammo. Thank God for Texas where I'm just a regular guy...... Ive talked my Pastor into writing a sermon using the 4 clicks of a Colt Peacemaker revolver as the outline. Gotta love it.
  8. LOVE IT! Now all we need is a 308 pup and we have the grand slam. Who's up on doing a 308?
  9. Thats encouraging. Do you know what twist the 308s are?
  10. I have some real world experience with the killing power of the 545. I shoot 545, 556 and 762X39 as well as 308, 410 and 12 gauge in Saigas. The 545 has become my go to cartridge for my primary nemesis in west Texas, Hogs and Coyotes. The round is much more accurate than 7.62X39 with my converted Saiga shooting .75 inch groups at 100 yards with a 7X scope. It is much more devastating on hogs than the 556, using silver bear 60 grain ammo and reaches out and touches coyotes as well and as accurately as my AR. I also get a few more rounds downrange at groups of hogs after the 1st killing sh
  11. Yes I am. Used to hunt down that way near an old ghost town named Whon and picked up the handle. Now I'm out near Bronte, between San Angelo and Abilene. Love that Comanche area!
  12. So I picked up Motopilot's Micro Galil conversion with the 16.5 barrel and fake suppressor off the classifieds here. I am thinking about going the legal SBR route but I am a little concerned about cutting the barrel to Micro specs of 8 inches. My concern is that the 1 in 10 twist wont stabilize the bullet in 8 inches. Anyone have any experience in this?
  13. Hmm, Ive done an S12, 410 and 5.45 so far. Not sure why it wouldn't work on the 308. Just know, going in, that anything other than an S12 requires some mods. The challenge with the rifles is that the barrel is to small for the barrel channel. The stock gets a lot of its stiffness from integrating with the barrel. Also, there is no threaded front sling mount that the Kushnapup uses to anchor the front of the weapon to the stock. All of these things can be sorted out, but some parts fabrication is required. Compare the 308 receiver very carefully to a 7.62, 545 or 223 receiver. If they
  14. Finally got to run some rounds through this thing. It didn't like the Golden Bear 4BKs, but performed flawlessly with winchester high brass #4s on setting 1. That round seems pretty devastating at 20 paces with the 18.5 bobbed barrel. Most of the pellets go into about an 8 inch area. My silhouettes were quite perforated in the chest area. I really like the handling characteristics of these bullpups. Very hand little weapons. This should be just what my wife needs for night time house cleaning... If I ever let her have it.
  15. I bought 4 Saiga rifles back when Centerfire systems had them for $299. I got to shoot this thing over the weekend. My front sight was way to low. Backed out the post until it almost fell out and still shot 4 inches high at 50 yards. I didn't get to wring it out for accuracy, but just messing around I got 10 shot groups of 2 inches rapid fire at 50 yards. Once i got her home, I used a roll pin to raise the front sight post 5/16 inch to get the alignment right. filed it thinner and silver soldered it on so I should be good to go. I do like the handling on the weapon. It will pr
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