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  1. You folks talking Bullseye; where are you finding it? It's a favorite of mine, but I haven't seen any in stock for well over a year. Recently I was able to latch onto some RedDot. Also have a fair amount of Promo, so I'm not exactly hurting. Truth be known, I've probably got enough to last me the rest of my life, LOL Over the past year I've been loading .38 Spcl wadcutters and 200 gr. .45 acp target loads with Alliant e3 using RedDot starting loads. Seems to work OK, but I haven't chronoed anything. Plan to try e3 in 9mm, but going to start pretty light.
  2. It's strange. For me, ARs are like motorcycles and tattoos. I've tried to get interested, but can't.
  3. Never say 'Never'; but I doubt I'll ever go AR. Not really a fan of SA rifles to begin with and the utilitarian aspect of the Saiga perfectly matches the practical purposes I have in mind. With my current contingent of Saigas plus a couple of Mini-14s, my SA rifle needs are well met. I've tried to get interested in the AR platform, but it doesn't work for me. Plus, being in NY, there ARE restrictions. For that reason, it's good that I left the Saigas unconverted.
  4. Last one I bought a year or so ago was under $300. Front sight's canted, no reference to R.A.A. anywhere, match-striker patch where I'd expect to see R.A.A.; but I love it. Somehow it came with a chamber that doesn't mutilate the brass. Finally an x39 Saiga I can reload for. Do the current 7.62x39 Saigas still mutilate the fired brass at the neck? I'd buy another if I could be sure they didn't.
  5. Left mine stock as it came out of the box. It's fine for my purposes and I like the sporter look. It's just a Truck gun. Took some razzing whenever I mentioned that here. Then along came NY's S.A.F.E. Act. Had I converted it, I would have to register it. I'd rather own a gun that's not on anyone's list and not upsetting to the overly sensitive among us.
  6. You and me, both. I regard them as cheaper, tougher, more reliable versions of the Mini 14/30...and I happen to like the Minis. As a mfg. engineer, I lived by "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" for many years. The sporter Saiga ain't broke. If I want fine triggers and better balance, I'll shoot my hunting rifles. This has turned out to be the right approach. Here in NY a converted Saiga now has to be registered; not so if unconverted. I'll take unconverted/unregistered over converted/registered any day.
  7. I found that video, Sim. The problem that guy had was much more serious than what I had. With the gaps his rifle had, front & rear, it looked like something in his receiver was stretching or being battered. Mine has very small gaps, front & rear.
  8. OK, I fixed it...for now anyway. Tried another recoil spring assy. per Sim. Helped some but noticed the cover still very loose at the front. So I put the orginal spring assy. back in the gun. To fix it, I used a metal fluting plier that was in my tool box. Went at it as though I was going to use the tool to deepen the dimple that's on the front of the cover. Gave the tool a firm squeeze and then checked the fit. It was about perfect. The tool didn't deepen the dimple noticeably, it just changed the curvature on the front of the cover to a slight interference fit in the groove under t
  9. Convert here in NY and you'll have to register your rifle. I see you're in IL, so laws probably not as stupid...yet.
  10. The top (dust) cover on my unconverted '09 from TGI is so loose it rattles when you carry the rifle around. Tried another dust cover and it was the same. Thinking of pinching the sides of the cover in toward the rear (button) end. Before doing that, thought I'd ask to see if someone has a better fix. Tried search, but not so good at that & came up dry.
  11. I had a squib load today from one of those, and after I cleared the barrel the next one hang fired. Same box. When I opened the chamber on the squib a bunch of green and brown shit that looked like sawdust came out of the shell unburned. Had to tap the bullet out with the cleaning rod. First time getting one of those. Just shot the rest of it off. Not hunting with it. Had 2 boxes. They grouped shitty too. Using different ammo. Thanks for the post, rnem. Not what I hoped to hear, but forewarned is forearmed. Unfortunately, I've got quite a bit of that ammo...forgot I had some and order
  12. In NY, we don't need no stinking 10th round (or 9th or 8th). In fact, if we load any beyond the 7th, we're Class D felons. Guys that commit negligent homicide get a lesser charge. Consider yourself lucky. /whine
  13. Does anyone have field experience with using the 154 gr soft point Cabela's (Herters) is currently selling? I ordered some this morning and hope to use it for deer. Range where I hunt will be 120 yards or less.
  14. I've got both stepped and unstepped Saigas. Only reloaders will have a problem with stepped. I have some unfired 7.62x39 brass that I reloaded for the stepped Saiga. Almost all of it cracked at the neck after the second firing. Haven't tried reloading for the unstepped Saiga yet.
  15. To cut down on flash and noise, I'd try starting loads of a couple of the faster powders. IMR 4198 and AA1680 come to mind. The old red Lee manual had .223 loads for both, but the latest version seems to have dropped 1680. You might have to visit the Accurate Arms site to get the latest data. Don't get creative. Stick with published data.
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