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  1. Some people actually were born yesterday... Respectfully, John Moses Browning
  2. Well damn Mikhail all to hell for not engineering in an automatic bolt hold open feature! What was he (not) thinking? Was he jacked on meds as he lay in the hospital bed? Fever dreams of being the russian John Moses Browning? I am NOT happy!
  3. I have a Tromix built Saiga 12 w/12"barrel. I want a last round hold open device. I see one at Carolina Shooters Supply. Is this A goood way to go? Or should I Use a safety lever with gold open like the Krebs?
  4. Oregon City Tromix S-17. See ya on Goat Mountain!
  5. Long time NFA fa. FA,SBS,SBR accumulator.

  6. Who makes the best stick and drum magazines for the Saiga 12? Who is the best source for them?
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