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  1. Got'cha, yeah you're right, the SGL's on henderson's page aren't too far from that price looking at the 21-61 right now at $799, although I admit the tactical that I originally posted is more than what I wanted to spend too, haha. Just wanted to get a coverted(normal) AK47 so I could eventually put a quad rail and folding stock on it with a vertical grip, lol. I know it may look cheesy to some but to each their own. I envisioned putting a mount for a tactical flashlight on the side and perhaps some optics or a scope(though not necessary), it'd be a home defense toy, maybe...just maybe I might try to use it for hunting deer(it's legal in my state, as long as the magazine holds 5 or less rounds). Of course I'm looking at the AK's because of their legendary reliability/durability and good priced yet capable ammo.
  2. I was looking for a "henderson 10/63" to get more info on it, couldn't find any available at major etailers, but browsed on their official website, also couldn't find it there either, however I did find some other ones that seemed like they could be though it was not specified. do you happen to know of any links? Also, what does the 10/63 stand for? Reading reviews, they seemed to come in packages like this one: http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/storeproduct765.aspx
  3. That's good to know and to hear from an actual user. As for the barrel...according to the site's description this one is chrome lined, but I don't know how accurate that description is.
  4. I see thanks for the input Schultze. Anything in particular to call out on WASR's vs Saiga's? Those chrome lined barrels hold up?...if I'm not mistaken Saiga's usually have a thicker lining?
  5. I saw this from atlantic firearms, it's a USA built AK47 tactical setup(with rails and some goodies), apparently made with Romanian parts. http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/storeproduct439.aspx For $629... The copout answer is that it is probably junk...but does anyone have any real insight or thoughts/speculation on it? I could convert and build up from a saiga, but adding up costs(from some bargain parts too) it'll cost me about $600 to get it like the tactical build above, although...that doesn't include the extra tools I will need to buy from Harbor Freight to do the job, lol. So what do you guys think(with some base to it, and speculation on who put it together, century?)
  6. Gotcha', Thanks for chiming in guys. I really wish there were some domestic producers of 5.45, all this talk and rumors but nothing solid that I've seen yet. I suppose I'll have to hold out.
  7. I did a search on the forum, nothing came up so I was wondering how feasible, hard, and expensive it would be? Change out the barrel and the magazine feed? I want to get 5.45 but I'm preparing for the worst(ammo supplies deplete and or trade barrier). If that happened I wouldn't want it to be a useless wall hanger, so I thought to myself, hmm... what if I just converted it to .223 later down the road? Has anyone thought of this or done it?
  8. Sorry I was trying to type that while catching the transit and ran out the door. But yeah, you pretty much got what I meant. I was curious to know which one costed more(converting it yourself, or just paying $200 for the redjacket conversion). I didn't know that parts were so cheap, I figured that after buying the parts and doing the labor it would be almost the same but then again I haven't looked at everything yet. Look at atlanticarms.com and check out the red jacket conversion. That is the cost of a professional converting a saiga to its basic form. You could save close to 200 bucks doing it yourself! I have looked it at myself, in fact I was considering buying it already converted red jacket, but I didn't know how much it would just cost and if it was just worth it to have the converted one from redjacket actually. Hard time following what you just wrote , but if you do it yourself, you save roughly $200. That means that you have enough cash left to thread the end of your barrel (which the red jacket conversion does not have... at least the one I am referring to), buy a muzzle brake, buy about 4 mags and ammo (at least 200 - 500 rounds)...
  9. Well said, I shall break down in my searches, piece by piece.
  10. Look at atlanticarms.com and check out the red jacket conversion. That is the cost of a professional converting a saiga to its basic form. You could save close to 200 bucks doing it yourself! I have looked it at myself, in fact I was considering buying it already converted red jacket, but I didn't know how much it would just cost and if it was just worth it to have the converted one from redjacket actually.
  11. Hey guys, I would like to do a tactical conversion on a saiga 7.62. The basics after the basic conversion(to stock, pistol grip+normal magazines) would be: -new stock/folding stock -quad rail(so I can put on a vertical grip, scope/optics, and a flashlight) I admit I'm pretty new to ak's, so some of you pro's might want to chime in if I'm missing something, but here are some pics of what I sort of want it to look like. --------------------------------- Key questions, is the quad rail installation difficult? Or is it pretty much pull out and replace? What about the stock? I've heard things about having to file down stuff and things like that with saiga's, but I'm not sure. Are the two above easily done at home? Or would you guys recommend a gunsmith(if so what's an estimate look like, parts not included..just for labor)? --------------------- I'll worry about the muzzlebrake later...
  12. I've been curious about this to, as I guess most people who buy a saiga would like to convert it to a normal one. In relation to your topic, I was wondering how much a basic conversion of a saiga 7.62 would cost doing it yourself(all additional parts included, while doing the labor yourself) vs. having someone else doing it(the average/normal price that most people may charge...including parts)?
  13. Thanks my762buzz, this is the type of stuff I was looking for! Great read. There are a few things that really muddy the waters when it comes to speaking of accuracy. 7.62x39 the cartridge itself is very capable of fine accuracy. See thread link below. http://www.thehighro...p/t-362501.html The problems that prevent 7.62x39 AK weapons from really performing sub moa are inherent in the ammo loadings as well as the weapons. Steel cased machine gun ammo is not exactly match grade. Brass cased commercial loads are usually better, but to really get the best accuracy handloading is essential. In many cases reported on various internet forums, handloading has significantly improved the results for 7.62x39 rifles. aksarben is a classic example of this concept. Russian steel cased ammo is not usually a contender for supreme accuracy in 7.62x39. Unfortunately, most folks judge their 7.62x39 based on crappy ammo and outright declare that 7.62x39 is inaccurate. This is sort of like driving a nascar race on regular commercial gas and then throwing the car under the bus because it can't compete with racing fuel supplied stock cars. Another issue is bullet to bore looseness. Not all barrel bores are exactly 0.310 or 0.311. Foreign commercial ammo bullets can vary a bit in diameter. This plays a bit in inconsistent performance. Also, much of the cheap ammo can have variations in powder quantity and this only makes things worse. Something that is often overlooked when comparing 7.62x39 to 5.45 is that if the barrel external diameter is the same in both calibers the wider bore causes the remaining barrel wall to be thinner. 7.62x39 would have less barrel steel than 5.45 and this plays into the harmonics of the barrel. More barrel wall steel helps with accuracy by absorbing more vibrations and stabilizing the bullet path through the barrel. Another issue is the 9.45 twist rate in 7.62x39. Much too fast for such a short light bullet. Over spinning a bullet makes it unstable. The bench gun in the link above uses a much slower 15 inch twist to great advantage. Apart from all this, I and others have managed to shoot groups bordering on 1 moa with various ammo choices in saiga 7.62x39 rifles.
  14. Thanks for your 2 cents. However, what are your experiences with accuray at 100 yards+? What do your clusters look like?
  15. I don't have either, and I'm aware of the most common arguments for both, but I leaned towards the 7.62(for it's ability to put down deer a little better, among other things), only thing that holds me back is the alleged lack of accuracy at 100 yards and slightly beyond. I just wanted to know if it was really an issue and if it was really as bad as people said it was, especially when using a refined Saiga. The thread has since taken slightly different courses and other arguments.
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