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    Titan Rail

    Al..Did you ever receive a shipping notice? Just wondering... No I didn't
  2. Trogdon

    Titan Rail

    It is awesome Thanks Cam. I have it on but don't know how to post pics on my phone. Sorry guys. Only have one concern, my rail is flat but is not straight from side to side. It angles slightly at the hinge. My be my gun, you know how they are. Not sure if my irons will be on but I'm wanting a reflex sight anyway. Other than that, very solid and looks badass.
  3. Thanks for the info. I like the HK sights, I just want something different
  4. I have a Chaos Titan on order and would like to find some Ghost ring sights to put on the top rail. I have looked everywhere and can't seem to find any that will mount on a rail. Does anyone make them?
  5. The bottom of my stock adapter has counter sunk holes but once you drill the holes in the receiver, they are kind of pointless. Do I have to kind of taper the holes I drill in the receiver to get the screws to be flush to the bottom? If so, what size bit should I use to do this? Please help me understand the install of this part. Thanks.
  6. Check out the YouTube video : saiga 12 vs alfa. That's what made me want one. You can see the gas come out in every direction
  7. Anyone know where I could get a Maxrounds muzzle brake from inside the US?
  8. What's up guys! Your talking to a proud new owner of one of the most bad ass guns out there! Ready to covert it and I'm looking for some help on a good looking and strong DIY kit. I want to do it myself to learn a little about the gun. I'm used to ARs but new to the AK type weapons. Any suggestions?
  9. I want an aluminum tube for my stock instead of the poly tubes. I've seen the one that Carolina shooters supply has and it is a commercial tube. Anyone know where I can get a mil-spec?
  10. Awesome. Thanks for the link. I wonder if there are any mil-spec ones out there?
  11. Is there a stock out there that has an aluminum tube like the AR or are they all made of polymer or plastic? I'm looking for one for my conerted S-12.
  12. Trogdon

    Titan Rail

    What is the difference between the Titan and the Nemesis?
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