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  1. I have just bought two new gen russian mags very well built but I prefir my surefire 12 mags tbh Mick
  2. Hey guys I am trying to contact speed shooters international has anybody got the direct email address ? cheers mick
  3. just found it 3/8 of the barrel threads sorted
  4. Hi guys My barrel has been cut to uk legal 24" I now have the die ,TAT and Diestock ,I have a polychoke 2 to fit .the question is the last section of the barrel is a smaller dia than the threads .Will it affect the barrel /choke if this is not done .Any chance of a photo of a cut rethreaded barrel Thanks Mick
  5. Hello a few questions what needs to be done to the surefire mag to work with the magwell Is the bottom of the magwell flared do you ship to the UK Thanks Mick
  6. Hey guys any tips do or don't on porting my saiga barrel .It is a uk spec 24" barrel and will run on anything 24 grm and up at the moment . Cheers Mick
  7. A m22 x.75 Thread starter "TAT" the barrel on my saiga was chopped by the previous owner to our legal min of 24" so now I dont have any threads and need to fit a choke . Aggy
  8. We can buy russian 8 shot mags over here no problem but nobody wants them we tend to run 12 shot surefire mags in comps .Why is it against the law for us to ship russian parts to you ?I thought it was just our laws that were stupid Aggy
  9. Hi guys why wont you ship to the UK ? I know about ITAR but most shotgun parts arn't coverd by the rules ,so whats the crack ?? Aggy
  10. How about a swap .a us member buys me a TAT $14 posts it to me .I have up for swaps 1 Tromix bolt on charge handle "new" 2 galli style for end "used" 3 genuine HK rear sight to weld on to dust cover and a non HK for sight "used " 4 genuine scope rail siaga "used" Take your pick All the items are exempt from import taxes as they are all pre owned Mick
  11. CarolinaShootersSupply Sell them but i dont think they will ship outside the US .its not a gun part only a tool ?? Mick
  12. I cant get the barrel in my lathe
  13. Hi thanks for the offer but I live in the uk so I think I will be better buying one .just looking for some steel bar so I can make one at the moment . Mick
  14. Hey guys I have just orded the only m22 x .75 rh die in the uk has anybody got a threading guide they would like to sell ? Mick
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