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  1. Good vid, bad music AND STOP SHOOTING THAT BOOBS evildog69 !!!
  2. I must say I thank you so much for your interest and the will to help! To our point.First of all I must find out if the MD mag will work with Vepr 12 even with light mods.If this happens then we come to your help.BTW it will be easy to pass through our customs because noone in Greece knows what this will be.It can me marked as car parts or anything, but I doupt they will recognize it even if you mark it as drum mag.As I said, it is LEGAL to own it for sporting purposes.If everything else isn't enough, it can be shipped for the gun club I'm in. About you can't have the Vepr 12 madmax4x4 I'm so sorry, but I can guarantee as many rounds as you like with mine if you pass from Greece for summer vacations
  3. Thanks for the info kisatu.Maybe this guy's stuff is good quality, but it comes more than the double price to buy than the MD one.One good point is, they are made to fit on Vepr 12's.Btw they look like the AA mags.
  4. Will have to have the gun in front of me to see any loading differnces between the 4 and the 10 rounders.I come to contact with my guns every weekend as they're stored in my other house.I will clean it good, and try to see any differences with the Barnaul rounds.I will come up with conclusions.Good to see some activity in this forum thanks.My gun is a long barreled, the one pictured in my avatar.
  5. Ok when I'll go back home at weekend I'll try to loose the skirt and have closeups of the mags to see what we have here.And you can post the mags you have to compare. Dunno if Mike can ship to Greece, but it is legal to have them here.I always hope that a member can be a middle man and re-ship them to me.
  6. More than one ter rounders? I have two but I lost one somewhere in the wherehouse BUT it has to have the problem with both cause this was the first time I used this one I had it stored since new I was always using the same.BTW I am the first owner of the weapon.
  7. Any moderator delete this thread, mistaken double post.
  8. I want to buy a cobra red dot with weaver mount new to good condition.Shoot me at Phattoni_tps@yahoo.gr
  9. I want to buy a cobra red dot with weaver mount new to good condition.
  10. Ok I have a Molot Vepr 12 and I'd like to know if the MD drum mag will do the job.I've heard that the S12 mags will work with it but never had the luck to test it myself.The Vepr 12 has something like a skirt for easy mag insertion, and with a quick look it seems that the drum mag will not get there.This skirt is removable and stays in place with a screw or to so it won't be a problem removing it.I have here a picture from my other post.Take a look please.
  11. I have jamming problems with the original Izhmash 10 round mag.Looks like it won't extract properly, the empty shell stays vertical to the bolt, ant won't let it return and load another round.Happens with all shells, slugs or other, every brand, even with the Barnaul ones.With any gas tube selection.Never happens with the factory 4 round mags.Any ideas?
  12. Kopelakis is just a dealer, the official importer and distributor is www.saiga.gr
  13. Whell definitely a short barrel shotgun looks more tactical, and I would buy this one mysef if I had the opportunity.Blaster's point is preety much right, tho. Now about import in your country.First you have to know if someone imported the gun officialy.If it has you have to buy it from him.If not and you have the ability to request an import from a gunsmith, then since you know the factory and the model you can contact them and fix the details.
  14. Yes sir I am.Thanks I had 7 years of English lessons to get the First Certificate in English from Cambridge University and I have been to England twice. If I get what you mean.
  15. Ok so here's the strip pictures I promised. This is like an expanded view, note the upper cover is riveted to the body to maintain zeroing, note the ambidextrous safety lever, also the end of the bolt that fits into the piston is somehow different than Saigas. This is the pressure and all the test/verification markings(picture a bit dizzy, soz) This is the hammer and internal parts, note at the front the part that helps keep the bolt back when the mag is empty. I don't know the proper name of this part in English I'd say is the head of the bolt.Note it is a 2 piece part, the front piece rotates, thing that don't happen in my .410, dunno if the Saiga 12's got it like that or it is one piece part. This is a closeup of the bolt end, note that it has a small cut dunno what is this for, and the piston itself has a hole that the end fits in. Several things I'd like to say about the gun.The basic differences from a Saiga is that it has a casing for the mag, 3 picatinnys, ambidextrous safety and double safety on the other side that helps turn it to the fire position with your index finger while holding the pistol grip, and an open bolt holder.It has a great finish and painting, much better than the Saigas low quality and the skeleton buttstock is full covered with rubber.The flash hider is kept in place with a pin, and it's not screwed to fit a choke.That is something that can be fixed, I will put a paradox choke.I also love the fact that it has the last 3 digits of the S/N stamped on every part that can come out.It has them on the bolt, on the smaller part of the bolt, even on the extractor! It has them on the gas tube, on the piston even on the back side of the rear sights is hand engraved.That gives a more special and unique style.Anyone knows the use of 4 holes in the handguard? It has 2 holes on each side... I also wanted to ask about your law restrictions.You are allowed to have Saiga shotguns and rifles, you're allowed to own VEPR rifles, but not VEPR shotguns that are almost the same with Saigas? How come?I mean, in Greece you can't own any rifled gun because of their improved ability on distance and targeting that makes them more effective as firearms.And because the folding buttstock is illegal here, the factory made a mod and stuck it.I just don't get it, give me some light please
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