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  1. lelandeod

    Info on my "rare" Saiga 12C?

    There should be a rivet below the rear latch button. Just look up any AK with the 100 series side folder and you'll see what I mean. My best guess is that this was a one-off on the production line for the very small batch that were imported for LE Only and they (for whatever reason) didn't drill for the bottom rivet. Doesn't really matter as it's very rare and very cool. The biggest problem you're going to have with it is the average Saiga owner thinking it's pretty lame because it doesn't have a flaming-spiked-naked chick-flash suppressor mounted to it.
  2. lelandeod

    Info on my "rare" Saiga 12C?

    Interesting that the rear trunnion is missing the lower rivets.
  3. lelandeod

    WTB: Saiga 12 Gas Block

    I'm pretty sure I have one but I think it's had the front sight post polished off of it.
  4. lelandeod

    Is this real? Did Obama ban SAIGA?

    Look at the bright side. You can still get a Catamount Fury. ...fail.
  5. lelandeod

    Russian Side Folder Latch Issues

    I don't know about the triangle stocks, but the 100 series poly stocks need to be trimmed, in my experience. OP, Take it off and send it to me. I'll trim and re-coat it for you, no charge.
  6. lelandeod

    Russian Side Folder Latch Issues

    It's not the latch that's the problem... it's the catch on the butt plate. You need one of these: http://www.rusmilitary.com/images/saiga12_buttpad.jpg
  7. lelandeod

    Russian Side Folder Latch Issues

    The Saiga 12 gauge front latch is designed to work with the 12 gauge rubber butt pad, which has a reshaped latch catch. The 100 series steel rifle butt plate (like what appears to be installed on your shotgun) has to be trimmed significantly to work with the 12 gauge front latch.
  8. lelandeod

    Welded through the barrel.

    That sucks. You just found out the hard way why I only silver solder shotgun barrels. I'm interested in hearing how the barrel honing works out too.
  9. lelandeod

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    And Brutus... I really didn't want to let this one go.
  10. lelandeod

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    I'll play. here's a recently completed customer 040/SVD:
  11. lelandeod

    There is a new kid in the Saiga 12 Conversion business :)

    Agreed. The only thing I'll add to this discussion is to just do your research on what's being imported right now and what's likely to be imported in the foreseeable future. There are some indications that the unconverted Saigas are not going to be around, en masse, much longer. But who knows how many unconverted shotguns are floating around out there... Good luck with your business!
  12. lelandeod

    11" Saiga 12 SBS with full length gas system - Brutus

    It's a standard length 10 slot Russian clone. It's the only thing I'll rock on my S-12's anymore.
  13. lelandeod

    X-Rays of Saiga 12 Magazines

    F'ing awesome, brother! I want to use it as a header on my website!
  14. Has the hammer been reprofiled? It kind of looks like it. The downside to reprofiling the hammer is that if your not careful, the hammer will no longer be perfectly perpendicular to the bolt tail and it can cause wear similar to your photos.
  15. lelandeod

    11" Saiga 12 SBS with full length gas system - Brutus

    It cycles 2-2/4" Federal, Olin/WInchester 00 Buck like a champ. That's all I've really tested it with as that's specifically what the client wanted it to shoot. I did run some loose 7-1/2 value pack through it and was getting frequent FTE's, as I sort of expected. I would love to do a day with some video but right now I don't have the time and the weather in Reno is miserable. Of course, I'll have this SBS for several more months while the Form 4 clears, so with the owner's permission, I may take it out one afternoon and do a short video.