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  1. TheDarkHorse has nailed it. I use the chinese leather tab slings on my saiga and a UTG single point sling on my bushmaster
  2. Well i am planning on installing hk sights on my saiga .223, while i was looking for hk sights i found a dust cover/hk rear sight/ rail combo and i was pondering the idea of using the hk rear sight with the standard ak front sight. Would this work? here is a link for the dustcover/hk sight combo http://akpartskits.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5_12&products_id=18 thanks for the help guys
  3. dont know if i will get a m4 style stock or triangle folding stock
  4. well i am sorry for not posting when i said i ws going to, well the pics are not the best quality but here they are
  5. so i would use this --------> http://kalinkaoptics.com/narrow-sks-mosin-nagant-other-rifle-universal-side-mounting-rail-for-ak-sks-svd-side-mounts.html But i would have to drill and tap right?
  6. Just bought a POSP 8x42 VD scope for $100 (i know what a deal ) and well i really do not have a saiganov or psl or veper to mount it to,BUT i do have a mosin and i was wondering if i could attach a ak side rail plate to the mosin? I know i can I just do not know how. So if you guy have any ideas on how this would be possible it would really be a lot of help. Thanks ohh and i have thought about mounting the ak side plate to the stock but i have a feeling that it will not hold or be zeroed
  7. Nice rifles guys, the forum has gotten quiet (probley just me), i will post a update of my .223 sometime around next week.
  8. Hey JTucker how is that tapco folding stock? I heard that tapco replace the plastic hinge with a metal one.
  9. No, it does have the diopter. If that was the only problem then i guess this will be a great buy. And cant argue with that comment about the prices being raised. Better get one now before the price becomes redicules.
  10. well she is not done but atleast she is not basterdized anymore lol im planning on getting a POSP for the .223 would you guys recomend this POSP? http://www.riflescopes.webyshops.com/POSP-8x42-VD-Riflescope-with-AK-Mount
  11. ohhhh thanks for the advice. I was planning on just buying a utg side rail and cheap red dot,but the way you explained it makes a lot of sense to me and now i am going to buy the pso-1 for my .223 and well later down the road a red dot scope from kalinka optic for my 7.62. Thank you guys for the information and nice ak TX-Zen.
  12. well i was looking around for a cheap scope and i found one on centerfire systems. It was a romanian pso-1 4x24 scope.My question is,how well would this scope work with a saiga 7.62x39 and .223? Thanks in advance
  13. yep heard the same thing by other members and i do love rails anyways thanks
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