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  1. Retail price $800 I'm asking $500 Feel free to contact me at stevechr@ptd.net Here's a picture of the scope in its shipping box. A close up of the turret area. This is what the reticle looks like. A close up picture of a section of the included instructions. The company does a better job describing it than I could do so here's what they have to say about it: The Shepherd 3-10X40 P2 rifle scope is specifically designed for flat shooting high powered rifles. This general purpose sight is like no other rifle scope on the planet. It is far and away the best moving target acquisition rifle scope system available today and is a must have for the avid shooter whether as an addition to their tactical gear or hunting gear. The P2 has Shepherd’s patented reticle range finding system designed specifically for modern rifle platforms. It also features Shepherd’s One Shot Zero Feature allowing the user to dial in the rifle in a single shot. This Shepherd rifle scope gives shooters the fastest, one step, target range estimator and ballistic drop calculator in the world. This unique rifle scope allows even an inexperienced shooter the ability to just “Fit and Fire”. The rifle scope features Shepherd’s PVD multi-layer coated HD optics which deliver a crystal clear image through the entire field of view. The model 310-P2 has 18” range-finding circles for use on large targets including deer and military silhouettes. The circles can be adjusted up for flatter shooting rounds or down for rounds with a bit more drop. This rifle scope is ideal for the Springfield M1A and the Sig Sauer SSG 3000 308. The bullet drops match up almost perfectly for the 168 Grain Amax Boat Tail and Federal Vita Shok 165 Grain Sierra GameKing Soft Boat Tail. This sight works for everything from a .223 Varmint load to a .338 Winchester Magnum 250 Grain Bear Stopper. This is definitely a must have hunting or tactical accessory for anyone using high powered flat shooting rifles. This rifle scope is extremely accurate at all distances out to 1000 yards. KEY FEATURES: One Shot Zero High Transmission Optics for Excellent Low Light Performance World's Fastest and Easiest Passive Range Finder and BDC Argon Gas Filled, Waterproof, Shockproof Visual Confirmation of Wind and Elevation Instant Range Finding and BDC Instant Visual Verification of the Original Zero 1/4 M.O.A. Clicks on the Ranging Circles and Friction Adjustments on the Crosshairs with 0.001 M.O.A. Patented Dual Reticle System P2 Reticle with 18" Circles Useful for Deering Hunting and Military Silhouettes Flat Black Finish Lifetime Warranty
  2. Steve in Allentown, PA

    Aimpoint H1

    I have a like new H1 for sale in the original box with an American Defense Manufacturing quick detach, co-witness mount. $520 and I'll pay the shipping. Here are two pictures of it mounted on an AR and a picture of the box. Here's a link to American Defense Manufacturing: http://www.americandefensemanufacturing.com/view/product/675/ Feel free to contact me via PM or e-mail.
  3. Steve in Allentown, PA

    Aimpoint CompC3

    This Aimpoint has been sold I have a pristine CompC3 for sale in the original box with the Aimpoint mount included. $300 and I'll pay the shipping. Here's a picture of it mounted on a FAL and two pictures of the box. Feel free to contact me via PM or e-mail.
  4. Brownells: $40.94 (item price + shipping = total cost) Me: $30.00 (shipping included) e-mail: stevechr@ptd.net
  5. S&W N-Frame round butt Brownells: $75.94 (item price + shipping = total cost) Me: $65.00 (shipping included) e-mail: stevechr@ptd.net
  6. Steve in Allentown, PA

    RCS for AK-Saiga opinions?

    I have not yet cut off the original charging handle. A few more hundred rounds down range without any problems and I may chop it off but leaving it on doesn't offend me.
  7. Steve in Allentown, PA

    RCS for AK-Saiga opinions?

    I had no problem witht he bore per se. It was a snug fit but not binding. The "ramp" was a major issue for me. Most of the problem was caused by the unit not sitting low enough. As a result the end of the piston was crashing into the lower ramp every time it cycled. I had to relieve the rear bottom and rear sides of the lower half so that it would sit lower. I then got busy with my trusty Dremel and reshaped the ramp so that the ramp extended all the way to to the "floor" of the wide portion of the unit closest to the receiver. This greatly lessened the angle of the ramp and eliminated the 90 degree ledge left by the manufacturing process. I did this on the top half also. I also filed and sanded the forward edge of the piston slightly to remove the burrs and round it. Finally, I rounded the forward edge of the lug that engages the charging handle because it was hanging up from time tp time during manual charging. Once all of this was done I ran it with lots of lube for the first couple hundred rounds. Now it is smooth and functions 100%. I do like the way it enhances mag changes. Faster and more natural. Not awkward at all.
  8. Steve in Allentown, PA

    RCS for AK-Saiga opinions?

    Yup, I've got one installed on a 16" Saiga .308. I had some installation problems that took a while to figure out. Basically the bottom and sides at the rear of the housing had to be relieved in order for the unit to sit parallel with the barrel. It needed a little filing on the rear locking surface also. Definitely not a drop in item. Once I figured out what needed to be be filed it was easy. It has functioned flawlessly since then. Makes racking the bolt easier and more natural. Does not heat up like a conventional stamped steel gas tube.
  9. Steve in Allentown, PA

    Mounting a scope on a TWS rail.

    I have an Ace skeleton stock on my TWS equipped S308. You'll need the Ace cheek riser. You may want to get a piece of plastic tube from the hardware store to act as a rear spacer for the riser to prevent it from sliding backwards. I had to do this with mine which has the shortest Ace stock installed on it. You can see what I'm talking about here: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/75209-updated-308-conversion/
  10. Steve in Allentown, PA

    Updated 308 conversion

    Absolutely! I've installed two of them and have another on the way. Normally, I run them with an AImpoint on top but for load development I'll put a 3-9X scope on. It is rock steady. The trick in the design of the cover is that it uses a new recoil spring guide that has a specially shaped "button" on the back that forces the cover down under the tension of the recoil spring. Simple yet ingenious.
  11. Steve in Allentown, PA

    Updated 308 conversion

    It had to be filed a bit around the rear end for it to fit perfectly. Nothing that a common bastard file from Home Depot can't easily take care of.
  12. Steve in Allentown, PA

    Updated 308 conversion

    This rifle has been a work in progress for a couple of years. I accomplished the initial conversion quickly during which I added the pistol grip, Ace stock, and extended magazine release. More recently I've added the Texas Weapon Systems railed dust cover and the Dublin AK Systems left side, forward charging handle. In the pictures below you can see an Eotech mounted on the dust cover and a white spacer made out of PVC tube on the upper support tube of the stock. That spacer prevents the Ace cheek riser from sliding to the rear. Still to come is a piece of Picatinny rail mounted under the handguard. What I really want is something to attached a sling to at the top rear of the stock. Too bad I'm not a machinist.
  13. Steve in Allentown, PA

    Dublin RCS (rachet charging system)

    I suspect the reason had to do with the available development time and money. In my correspondence with Dublin AK Systems I suggested building in a rail for the next generation of this device. I also suggested that it be set up so that the top of the rail would be at the exact height as the top of the rail on the Texas Weapon System's dustcover. That would allow flip up sights to be mounted fore and aft.
  14. Steve in Allentown, PA

    Dublin RCS (rachet charging system)

    Finally got my Photobucket account set up.
  15. Steve in Allentown, PA

    Dublin RCS (rachet charging system)

    I'm a little confused; how does putting the charging handle on the left side make the MOA of an AK the same as an M4? Only in as much as you're able to reach up with your left hand and move the bolt without havng to reach over or under the receiver., On an M16/M4 the guys are being taught to hit the left side of the charging handle with their left hand to move the bolt without losing their firing grip. In my day, we were taught to actually grasp the charging handle on both sides to make it run. As a result of the new MOA a lot of charging handles are being damaged because of the repeated impact causing unequal stress on the charging handle. The expedient fix is to install a Bravo Company charging handle which has been designed to eliminate the uneven stress. I actually gave my son one of these BCM charging handles before he deployed to Afghanistan. He used it throughout his deployment and was pleased with it. Muscle memory is an interesting phenomenon. When my son runs the Saiga hard and fast he stumbles at the mag changes. Rock and lock is not something he's used to and he always smacks the mag on the bottom like he does with an M4 instead of pulling back on it to make it rotate past the mag catch. I agree with Gabe Suarez that training with the stock AKs is the way to go if you have any expectation of ending up in a bad place dealing with bad people. I have no such expectation and besides I have other toys that would be deployed before the Saiga.