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    The right way to fit your drum!

    Sorry for resurrecting this almost 10y/o thread. But I just got my 10rd drum. The case is B (latch not engaging). I have fixed it in 10 minutes too. But instead of shaving the bottom of the notch, which is obviously weakening the connection because the contact surface is reducing with that, I have shaved less than 0.5 mm on both sides of the drum's body lip (tower stop), which is the actual insertion depth limiter. I believe that's just the plastic extrusion defect. My question is is it OK that the drum is wobbling side to side for about 6mm at the drum end level and rocking about 1 mm up/down at the front? (zero rocking at the rear where I have the tower stop filed).
  2. halx

    Kushnapup install and review.

    Got one for my S-12 yesterday off GunBroker. Great upgrade! However I run into a serious issue - can't use any mag except the 2-shots one. I believe that's caused by the mag lock, which is mandatory in CA. I've got a bulky aluminum block one preinstalled by the dealer (don't know the actual origin of it, possibly - Izhmash itself). Anyone had that issue before? The only way to fix that, I could imagine so far, is to file an arch shaped guide in the mag lock, hoping it will be enough to shift the top front of the mag just about 3/16" backwards required to free up the front notch of it enough before rocking the mag in. By the way, I have a 3D printer at home, and plan to make a proper butt for the stock with it to cover tangs. I'm going to model it an inch lower down as well, so it could sit higher over the shoulder. Anyone interested? Let me know, I'll open a separate thread and would consider any suggestions on the final design. So far I came out with something like this: