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  1. I think you can shoot gas rounds out of them, not sure. To each their own, nothing wrong with shooting fireworks if that's what you enjoy. also smoke rounds
  2. it looks nice and how would you like to break in and be looking down a 12 ga and a 37mm at the same time?
  3. i sorry but i don't think that i need the bi pod
  4. thank you for your thoughts. and this gun is all about overkill not any practical use.
  5. idk is that too much to add on to my saiga 12. http://www.2ndamendmentsurplus.com/Spikes-Tactical-Havoc-ST-9-9-Side-Loading-37mm-Launcher-ASA-ST9-HAVOC.htm what do you guys think?
  6. it is not much but it get the job done
  7. i did try the dragon breath in my Saiga 12 shot gun it did fire and was safe to use. but i did have a problem with the rounds not ejecting out.
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