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  1. Anyone heard feedback on how the 20 rounders work? Anybody tried one yet? If I ordered one now at the regular price, how long would it take to get it?
  2. Bummer. I read one thread here where the guy was converting FAL? mags, Does it work? But, they're as much or more than the FBMG new ones...
  3. Hey guys. Pretty new to the site, and to the Saiga. Been following the FBMG 20rd mag saga. Not to take anything away from those guys, but are the regular 8rd. mags for the Saiga .308 available anywhere else cheaper? Maybe in steel? .
  4. sorry double post. mods delete?
  5. Norton, here's what I've done with all my rifles and all of my pistols barrels as well. I give it the obligatory first cleaning just to make sure, then I take it out to the range and shoot the piss out of it until it's nice and warm. Then I moisten a barrel mop with Militec metal conditioner and swab the barrel while it's hot. I will do this a couple of times during the first trip to the range, and sometimes the second, because I do believe in the conditioning, self-lubricating, effects of Militec. Anything that can help to protect and prolong the barrel or any other part of any weapon that I
  6. Ranger, Thnx for the kind words. I love the PLR-16! The picture you see of it there is before I added the compact forend, ADCO Solo reflex sight, small bipod, flash hider and sling. This is the way it looks now except for the bipod... This pistol is very accurate! Capable of 4" groups at 100 yds. if you do your part. Uses the same mags as an AR-15. Fun gun and very powerful! As far as the small calibers go, my daily carry is the Kel-Tec P-32... I carry it in the right front pocket in the Elite Survival Systems pocket holster. Very comfortable and easily concealed. If I had my drut
  7. I'd love to have about 3-5 of them, but that $45 is a bit steep. Maybe they'll come down a little once the rush is over.
  8. Mine is the result of a sarcastic joke really. I was talking with a friend over the internet and worrying out loud to her about being too strick with my kids. I take being a good father seriously, and I was concerned that I might make my kids hate me by punishing them. She jokingly said, "Oh yeah...you're really a Badddd man...lol. And so, Badman was born. Since I was 40 at the time, I tried badman40. Someone else already had that screen name, so I added a zero. I use this handle on all the forums and have for years. Boring, huh?
  9. Thnx for the kind words guys. Yes I am contented; most of the time anyway. Kristi looks just like her mother. And yes I taught her to shoot, and shoot safely. Most treat her with respect. Her dad has a varied selection of range toys. You guys are a class act. Gentleman and scholars. Well....gentleman at least...lol. But, nobody answered the question. Any word on an extension for the new 20 rounders?
  10. Just recently got the Saiga .308. Missed the introductory offer for the new 20rd. mags. I saw some mention of extending this offer and would certainly order one if the deadline were extended. Any definite word on an extension yet? My daughter wants to go shoot the Saiga, but we need more ammo capacity! Kristi & the Saiga.. Kristi & the Mossberg... Kristi & the AK...
  11. Interested in a trade for an FM Hi-Power 9mm Detective pistol. LNIB?
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