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  1. Tower, Not sure how it mounts as I'm not that familiar with .22s, but it must be the Ruger brand as it came with the pistol in the case at purchase. This pistol has been shot so little, I never took the time to mount a scope as it was accurate enough to scoot a spent shot shell or golf ball around the range easily with the iron sights. The rail has never even been out of the wrapper. Like I said, New condition shot very little. If you need a closer view, I'd be happy to get it out and take some Macro shots of it and send through your email. Just say the word and PM me your email
  2. **SPF**LNIB Ruger MK III 22/45. 5.5 Bull bbl. with scope rail, 3 extra mags (4 total), and NIP speed loader! Comes in original case with all manuals and papers as from factory. $325 Shipped or $300 FTF This pistol has been to the range 5 times and has exactly 355 rounds through.
  3. danklab, PM incoming! Please let me know ASAP. SPF to guy on THR. Sorry dank, waited but got no response.
  4. If they're RH, I'll take BOTH the ones for the Glock29 IF you can take discreet PayPal.
  5. Sorry for the delay. No email notification of your reply. But yes, I am in upstate SC near the Greenville/Pickens line. I think we could work out a meet. Please respond to my email: badman400@aol.com as for some reason I am not getting reply notifications. Thnx, Wade
  6. SPF on other forum! I have a lightly used Saiga .308 with skeletonized Stock from Gilberts and 16" bbl. Rifle comes with original Saiga stock also, 2 Saiga 10 rd mags, 1-20 FBSB Mag, and a 25 rd SureFire mag. Comes with stock box papers, oiler and contents as new. I bought a FAL and an RFB, so I need to thin the .308 herd. Rifle is in 99% excellent condition and has exactly 107 rounds fired through with no problems. Not even broken in yet! Scope and scope rail in pic not included. Scope rail is made in Belarus. Will sell rail for $50 shipped separately or $40 with rifle and mags. $550 shipped,
  7. I'd like to buy a Glock 29 mag and a Glock 20 mag with the sleeve for use on the G29 10mm.
  8. Galil forend shipped out Priority today! Merry Christmas! 3 Standard stocks left! 2 from Saiga 12s, one from Saiga .308. $13 each of $35 for all. Shipped.
  9. Galil forend SOLD to geo. Packaging, will try to get it out tomorrow. Thnx! Merry Christmas! 3 Standard stocks left! 2 from Saiga 12s, one from Saiga .308. $13 each of $35 for all. Shipped.
  10. I'll take the Galli HG for $25 shipped. Paypal OK? SPF to GEO. PM Incoming.
  11. Price reduced on Galil .223 forend! Galil forend/handguard still up for sale $40 $25 shipped! 3 standard stocks left. $14 each or $35 for all 3 shipped. Or all $70 $60 shipped! Thanks for looking. Merry Christmas!
  12. The rear part that fits into the receiver has a built in steel tab with female threaded hole to receive retaining torx screw. It comes with a metal retaining clip to clamp the front of the handguard to the barrel, (retaining clip screw has sling attachment hole), instruction sheet, small machine torx screw and handguard. Brand new in package. I just opened the snap open plastic package to check contents. Looks like everything needed is supplied. If you want pictures to be sure, send me an email and I'll be glad to send some. I paid $50 for this at a gun show 2 years ago thinking it would fit m
  13. Did not sell, and I refuse to take less. They're not hurting a thing in the safe. Was able to sell a couple other pieces to raise the needed funds anyway.
  14. I know somebody out there has gotta have an extra one lying around somewhere. Tony? Throw a guy a bone.
  15. Come on! Somebody buy this thing! I will entertain reasonable offers, but I am at pretty much rock bottom prices for the shotty already. The conversion was very well done and fitted using back the BHO as well. Buy this thing so I can get my RFB!
  16. Hey guys! Has anyone got an unwanted front standard bead sight lying around for an S12? I lost mine sometime in that last year and would like to put it back stock. I think mine is one of the old ones. Bought it back in '06. Thanks for any help!
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