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  1. fitzpgl1

    MD ARMS Booster Piston

    King, Thanks. I had it right.
  2. fitzpgl1

    No saiga 12 deals this weekend? I need a 2011

    I haven't seen anything. Have seen some options for the AK-47. Outdoorbunker and thesportsmenguide
  3. fitzpgl1

    MD ARMS Booster Piston

    Going brain dead. Just picked up a S-12 (new in a box) and the "v-plug" and the MD ARMS booster piston. Which end is the piston end for the piston? The flat? Thanks in advanced.
  4. fitzpgl1

    Anyone in Georgia?

    Hawkinsville here.
  5. fitzpgl1

    Saiga-12 , I'll Pass

    I had the "AR" and traded it for the AK-47 because it was more dependable and my targets stayed down. It doesn't have the distance as the "AR", but a FAL 308 takes care of that problem. I trained with the saiga 12 in room to room clearing and could not find a more dependable weapon. My only problem was that darn bolt system. Learned the trick and I could put it back together as fast as my AK. Will admit they are pricy and the "AR"s are coming down a bit. Now that they are using the piston system I might pick up a 308 version. Note: My wife love's her saiga 12 and wouldn't share. I had to pick-up another one. My two cents.