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  1. thanks for the feed back, unfortunately i do need them for parts count.
  2. has anyone had any problems from the tapco 30 magazines? I have one and the gunsmith I go to said they aren't the greatest. Just wanted to confirm this or not.
  3. so if i have a rifle in factory setup, and put a stock on it with a pistol grip, it is ok to have as long as I only use a 5 round mag. As soon as I would insert a mag larger than 5 i have to fall within 922, even in a factory setup. So basically as I see it, I can put a new stock with pistol grip onto the saiga 7.62X39, as long as I change the the forearm grip (which I plan on doing at the same time), and using US made magazines (unfortunately promag for now), I am fine.
  4. I was kinda wondering the same thing, I am putting a tapco stock on with the pistol grip, and a utg forearm on it. From what I have been understanding, as long as I don't screw with the insides of it I should be fine. I do plan on adding a bullet guide in the future. But as long as I use a US made mag I should be good.
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