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  1. Drum fits, but unless you're a contortionist, you can't get your arm around it to reach the trigger. Drums and anything over 10 round mags are useless with it. Bernie Rolf of Centerbalance Systems may be working on a better design to come out later.
  2. Don't waste your money on the Ultimak rail. If you notice, there are accessory holes at the front of the stock. Put an AK dovetail on the right side front for $7, get a gen 4 UTG detachable double rail scope mount for $33, and you're set. You can see one with red dot and green laser mounted in the KUSHNAPUP thread I started prior to seeing this thread.
  3. Suggestions for anyone else getting one of these: 1. If you are putting a Saiga 7.62x39 in it, you will not have the sling mount hardware or a butt plate for it. The Kushnapup does not come with these. You are expected to salvage them from your original Saiga 12 stock, so if you didn't have a Saiga 12 or disposed of the original stock, you are SOL. 2. Any Saiga 7.62 magazine over 10 rounds will not fit. It will hit the trigger guard when you try to rock it forward. So get a couple of 10 round mags if you plan to get one of these. 3. Whether you put a Saiga 12 or a Saiga 7.62
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