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  1. S! All Must sell my Saiga. Converted years ago with help from board members. I didn't do a good job on the trigger guard. Hopefully pictures will show. Have Saiga mags. 2-10s 2-30s. Tapco g2, red star pin retainer, Tapco short buttstock and pistol grip. Asking $550 http://s1095.photobu...mview=slideshow email luckyned7@yahoo.com
  2. Selling rifle and mags. Email me at luckyned7@yahoo.com
  3. I'm planning to sell my pistol gripped- Saiga conversion for some AR money and thought I might add a 30 rounder. I never did the bullet guide cuz I had 4 of these.
  4. Hello all, Been along time since I was here. I was wondering what the asking price of orginal saiga 30 rounders might be? Thanks ahead
  5. S! ALL I finally got around to getting a side mount for one of my Aks. I would like to buy a very reliable, fast aquistioning red dot scope...a 2X wouldn't kill my 40ish eyes. Where and what can I buy? Leaning towards Kobra but not sure about models and where to buy. Thanks ahead~ Ned
  6. S! ALL! I'm looking to put my AK into a Civil Derfense role. I'd like your suggestions. Here's what I want: I want better sights..be it Hi-Viz iron vs Optics. I'm leaning heavily towards a HI-VIS/night sight- iron sight setup so if you got and use..tell! Magazines! I need many and would prefer not to do a learning curve. My Polish were sweet fitting in my SAR1 til they all began to crack..slowly but surely. Slings and mounts: Not a high priority but I'd like to hear what you like. Maybe at this point I should tell what I have and want I want-yes? I have an old SAR1 th
  7. S! ALL Been away a while..working on IDPA and ARs..and baseball..bla..bla...bla. Hate my steel mags due to weight and wobble but my poly mags fit perfectly BUT (Polish if I recall) are dying! (cracking) What can I buy today and cherish tomorrow!? If it is steel so be it..but which?
  8. Howdy Fellars! S! Just trolling the idea of parting with one of my Saigas to buy an AR. What's the going price for a 16" self conversion with 2 Saiga 30 round mags in 7.62X39. Sorry-no pics yet. I don't really wanna sell but I have 2 backup and I'm after another AR lower before the crap hits the fan.
  9. Are those the factory 30 round Saiga mags for 7.62x39? The synthetic ones??? I've been lookin for some. Yes, Sir they are. Check you email..maybe can do alittle haggl'in <--(what was that John Wayne movie where the proper procedures were discussed?)
  10. S! Heard the name but never visited the website til just now. Wish I wouldn't have! It sucks to know I'll die someday without ever owning an class3 firearm...(Ned slips into slight depression.) Man that Saiga12 class 3 vid just bums me out.
  11. S! Hiya fellars! Been away for awhile and sold off all my Saiga shotties(for shame!) but I would like to finish my beloved Saiga conversion to split-heat shielded forearms and a compensator. I lost alot of my Saiga notes on suppliers and hope you can steer me towards the right gear to upgrade. I found Dinzig<--forgive for mis-spell) and all his conversion kits but I'm still looking for: Split forearms that are heat shielded The best mags after bullet guide conversion The proper scope mounts..saw GilbertGuns says,"factory Saiga mount"-yes? Advise on a red-dot staying around $3
  12. I never converted my original Saiga to the spilt forearms..is this the answer for those without a press? Can I buy it? What else would I need? I want my heat-shielded forearms!
  13. I'm bought a mess of Saiga shotties to play with but I just don't use 'em. I've got one 12 and one 410 left and they are listed under the 'for sale' posts. If the S12 price is too high just send me your offers. I'd even trade for a 223 Saiga.
  14. Duh..but I was wondering how you all have handled sales between each other. I'm selling some Saigas and I know I'd feel a tad nervous paying for something I'm not leaving with. My plan is to deliver my firearms to my local FFL and after I recieve funds I would clear the shipping from my FFL to their FFL. Sound right? Thanks ahead~ Ned
  15. Fellas.. I swear I'm gonna hate myself later..cuz I love the quality of these firearms...and I have owned 'em all ( almost).. I need a self-extracting, double rifle, in atleast 458 lott..so I parting with what I got that I don't need tomorrow. I'm keeping my plain-jane S12 and my plain-jane S7x39 along with my akusa104 and my 2 other S410s that my kids would kill me if I sold. I'm taking best offers for my spare S12 and S410..I'm loooking for a fast 1000.00 for the 2 or best offer. I can spike the pot with scope mount(saiga)..don't care for intergrated(sp?) scope rings. For those that
  16. I made sure it was legal. About 9.25 after front of forearm to end of barrel (not end of choke)
  17. Sorry about the pics fellas. Ask away and I'll try to make this camera take a decent pic.
  18. Hows about $700 for the S12 and $350 for the S410..and of course I'll look at any serious offers. I got an offer to go on a small safari.. but I have no safari gun.
  19. I probably hate myself latter but need a 458lott for Christmas so I'm selling off my Saiga shotguns. Pics to follow tonight. Saiga12: It was a 22" that I converted. KVAR US butt stock and PG Tapco G2 Flash Suppressor by board member (M16 style) Shorten barrel and tested pattern (on this site somewhere) stock magazine + 1 extra 8 round magazine Less than a box of shells through it. Saiga 410: Self conversion Kvar PG with Romanian NON-folder Tapco G2 2 xtra 10 round magazines Less than a box through it. I did not re-paint the bottom of receiver yet and I
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