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  1. I'm looking for a couple clear Saiga 12 CLEAR Magazines. NOT the clear faced drums. Please E-mail me with what you have, and what you want for them. Even one would make me happy. LonelyRaven@hotmail.com
  2. Edit To Add: Ahh, I see now, the "Titan" is a different rail with the hinge...maybe some other differences I'm not seeing immediately? So I'm new to the Saiga 12, and I love the idea of the Chaos Extended Quad Rail. The limited descriptions on the web page leave me wondering though. Why is the (backorder) Extended Quad Rail *with* HK sights *less* expensive than just the (backorder) Extended Quad? What am I missing there?
  3. I guess I shouldn't limit myself to Shurefire or 12 round mags. I'm looking for functional, clear magazines for the Saiga 12.
  4. Lonely Raven

    clear mags

    I got $75 if someone has a good working clear mag.
  5. Do they ship directly to the US? I see they will do Pay Pal, but if I order that way, which shipping do I use?
  6. These came out long before I ever considered getting a Saiga 12. I'm hoping someone has one or two kicking around that I could pick up. I have my first Saiga 12 on the way, and I'm planning my build now. I'd love to have some of those clear mags as part of my setup! Thanks in Advance. ~Eric~ LonelyRaven@hotmail.com
  7. Lonely Raven

    clear mags

    Unlike other Robin Hoods, I speak with an English accent. I too am looking for some clear mags at a reasonable price (not sure what reasonable is at this time, still feeling that out). Feel free to E-mail me if you'd be willing to part with some. I have my first Saiga 12 coming to my FFL within the week, and I'm planning out my build accordingly.
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