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  1. I doubt it, the Rio shells are 2.605" long, folded crimp, as opposed to the Estate 2 1/2" I have, also folded crimp, which is around 2.25" long.
  2. So in an attempt to solve the FTF and jamming problem with the Rio 3" ammo in the factory 4 rd mag, I reverse engineered a flat pattern cut out of the metal retainer at the back of the mag, only this one has longer tabs. I CNC cut it from some stainless sheet, then bent it to shape. I had to relieve some of the plastic on the mag to get it to fit, but fit it did. I thought that if the shell was held down for a hair longer as it traveled forward, it wouldn't hit the feed ramp and should cycle fine. It actually worked on the first try with just one in the mag, but loading it to 4 caused the
  3. So today I made it back to the range with a box of Federal. Awesome! Cycled perfectly, no FTF or FTE with both 4 and 10 round factory mags loaded to the max. The Feds worked on the #1 gas setting just fine. Maybe I righted something or loosened something up when I tore it down after the first attempt but now it seems really great. I'll have to take the Rio ammo back out and give it another chance to redeem itself.
  4. Have this same problem with Rio ammo, they measure a consistent 2.605" +/-.005", too short to feed properly. The Federal I just got is right on 2.75", don't know if it'll feed properly yet though.
  5. No, it isn't converted, still the same as delivered. I checked the force required for the bolt to open enough to chamber another round, it's 13½ lbs. Does that seem right? I measured it with a small fishing scale pulling back on the charging handle until it opened enough.
  6. I'll see if the ammo makes a difference. The gas port is clear into the barrel, I dropped the end of a small allen wrench through the hole to see if it was open.
  7. Hi, Tried out my newly acquired .410 with some Rio 3" #4 ammo. Factory 4 and 10 mags. Wouldn't cycle at all on either gas setting, I ended up cycling each one by hand. Ejects just fine by hand, shells jam on the feed ramp but that's a different issue. The problem seems to be that either the charging force is too high or the pressure isn't being built up enough to force the bolt backward. This is my only Saiga so I don't really have a reference point as to bolt charging force. Should it be really heavy? I plan on putting a scale on it when I get home to measure the force required, maybe
  8. I can't seem to find any info regarding this stock/grip setup anywhere. Manufacturer? Availability?
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