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  1. Trying again, Anyone know where to get a Front sight base for a Vepr .308
  2. Well it is not November 2, 2013 and never got my stuff. I will let everyone I do business know how my experience ended up.
  3. Oh I have patience most of the time, and I am very aware of the strains that the industry is currently in. However I should be able to cancel and get my money back. I can always place another order when they are back up to speed. In the mean time I can use that money for another part or something else that is in stock.
  4. Looks like I am going to have to add my experience here as they are not responding to my emails. I originally placed an order in Dec. I spoke them in January and they told me that they were backordered and that they would ship out in February. I called in February and had a real nice coversation with them about their delays and how the whole industry was delayed due to the Sandy incident and the strain that it put on them. He told me that they would be shipping everthing out in March. Well now it is the end of March and sent them an email that I wanted a refund. No response, sent a follo
  5. I would llike to see if anyone knows where I can get a front sight base for my vepr 308? When I threaded my barrel i had to remove the existing one and I really cut it up in the process.
  6. It is nice but good luck getting it anytime soon. They are about 2 months behind on everthing.
  7. Almost there just need the FSB to come in.
  8. The hardest part is dealing with the FSB. I tore mine up and will not be using a FSB. I will be using a 6 or 4 times scope or a red dot reflex scope.
  9. I am trying to decide if I need a front handguard with rails or not. That will depend on where the ideal mounting spot for a bipod will be. I have heard that if you mount on the barrel or handguard that it will disrupt the barrel harmonics. If that is the case then I am thinking of drilling into the front area of the receiver and installing rails or a kit in that area.
  10. Am I getting ignored because I am asking about Vepr in the Saiga forum....? I weclome your input too.
  11. I am wanting to add a bipod to my project and wonder where I should mount it, on handguard or in front of mag under receiver? I don't mind drilling into the receiver as do not believe that it will impact performance but will it be more rifle barrel harmonic friendly? I posted in the wrong forum but if you any saiga input that would be good too. Sorry did not see a way to delete or move post.
  12. Well I got my scope in and side mount. I am liking the scope. I am still without a FSB but I have a SVD type one on order. Also have another attachment on order from the same company. I am going to try to get out to the range within the next week to try out the scope.
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