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  1. Hey guys, so what are some well made pouches for Saiga 12 AGP 10 round mags. I'd like to fit in 4 mags to a bandolier pouch. Anyone has experience with the "Ace Case" models? The more options the merrier.
  2. Hey Cameron, so I got the extended quad rail with the H&K sights. When I recieved it, it is a frikin quality product. I installed it to my Saiga 12, but soon found out that my gas block was canted and the quad rail leaned to one side touching the gas block. I zeroed the set up, but I had to grind material from the bottom of the lower handguard to lower the POI, then shim the front sight block to get it 2 inches closer to POI at 50 yards. I had to drift the rear H&K sights all the way to the right and then grind off more material to get it to hit POI. Needless to say I was very sad. I l
  3. I have a bushnell 1.75-4x scope on Warne scope rings mated to the the shotgun with an MI mount. If you guys have optics like mine, what groups are you getting with what ammo? How far? What is your set-up?
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