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  1. Yeah... but my point was that it's nice to hipfire and to look down and get confirmation that you're on target (if needed)... not that you'd want to run around everywhere looking down.
  2. Really like the Porkypine & the Warthog... nice finishing touches on my Saiga build. Cameron... Your part quality is TOP NOTCH. Really impressed by the fit & finish of these components. Chad
  3. cpk


    Kushnapup modded S12 with: - LaRue Tactical Irondot w/ Docter refex sight - Anglesight (for scoping out around corners) - Chaos Porkypine & Warthog
  4. cpk

    Saiga... side view

    Thank you. I really like the Anglesight. It works great and doesn't interfere with the optical path when holding the gun like normal. BTW, check some of the other photos in my gallery... I took some better pics of the Anglesight setup for you.
  5. cpk

    Saiga... side view

    Thanks - have the Ultimax rail mounted. A bit of a challenge to drill out & tap the front sight, but worth it.
  6. +1 for Tim.... EXCELLENT to deal with. Highly recommended. Thanks for the Porkypine!!!
  7. By the way, I just realized that I kind of posted in the wrong forum... should have tossed this in the general WTB section, not in the saiga-12.com section. My bad - sorry.
  8. Thanks much, really appreciate the reply!
  9. Hello, New to the forum and figured I would start out by testing the waters to see if anyone has a Chaos Porkypine available. Looking for one that is either new in the box or just in really nice shape. Will pay well for one... I see they've been going for $100 to $150. I don't mind spending $150 to $200, depending on condition. Thanks! Chad
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