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  1. LOL you are right. Apperently I rushed into it too fast. Oh, well easy fix.
  2. I haven't tested this out yet but it seems like it should work and it doesn't look really cheesy or backyard mechanic ish. Just went down to the auto parts store asked for a small diameter piece of vacuum line. since I only asked for about 5 inches of the stuff they let me have it for free. Only other thing needed is some super glue and about 5 mins. I cut off about 2.5 inches of the line, ran my pocket knife through one side of the vacuum line, put a small amount of superglue on the edge of the dust cover that needed to be covered. Then I slid the sliced piece of vac. line in place
  3. What do you mean part of the original design? It is aftermarket after all...
  4. http://www.amazon.com/Tapco-Ak-47-saiga-Gas-Piston/dp/B002WJ8DEC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1355469319&sr=8-1&keywords=tapco+piston I ordered this one. I read somewhere that someone just drilled out the dimples then threaded the new one in without securing it, and didn't have any issues. I'm just worried about the possibility of serious damage if done incorrectly. Seems pretty straight forward but you never know. I need to do this for 922r cause I dont mind the factory hand guard and I'm putting off doing a conversion.
  5. I just ordered mine from amazon, and can't find too much info on how to install it. Does it have to be pinned or can I just thread it on?
  6. I just finished converting mine to galil mags. so far 100% with Tapco mags. (and yes they do wobble, but they work)
  7. Alright, I ended up taking it to my friend to look at it, luckily he works in a machine shop. So we measured and put it on the mill. Once we started it only took about 5 mins to get it drilled and tapped. Works Great! *Note: we did have to shave down the sides of the bullet guide cause they where too wide to fit flat in the trunion. Not much, just some passes on a belt, then wheel, then a few passes on a smooth polishing stone and it was snug as a bug.
  8. Thanks, i knew which one it was on your site; but i wasn't aware that it was ambi... SOLD PENDING FUNDS...
  9. haha must have entered at the same time bids start at $40, buy it now $60.
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251181663810 Free shipping $60 "buys it now"
  11. So I put my MSA adapter on ebay with some fun pictures featuring a PMAG, and apparently cause I used the word AR-15 in the listing it was removed because it was an accessory to an assault rifle. Funny 'cause you can sell those evil folding stocks with pistol grips. Anyway they said that I can re-list the item if I don't use the word AR-15...So i'll have to post it as a saiga magazine adapter. and make no reference to the fact that it converts to ar-15 magazines. I'm going to repost it and put a link here. Where I can speak the devils words such as AR-15. Link will be up shortly. -
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