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    WTB original Saiga .223 trigger

    Hi Guys, any luck while cleaning the basement? Cheers, Ferch
  2. ferch

    WTB original Saiga .223 trigger

    PM Sent. Ferch
  3. ferch

    WTB original Saiga .223 trigger

    Great! I'll tell my dad to go easy with the file on this one! Ferch
  4. Hello, I am loking for a new trigger for unconverted Saiga .223. ...an I am from Europe. Cheers, Ferch
  5. Hi Guys, As a happy Saiga an M76 owner I've been mostly reading gun related stuff here. This site was always a great source of news! You talk about desktop stuff here, but I though you might be interested in topographic navigation as well... For IOS users there is excellent TACNAV app in the Istore, but no good military apps for Android. We had a go with this app during the JTAC exercise in Slovenia last week. It looks promising for the serious business as well. You can find it on Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=si.milsistemika.pes Cheers, Ferch