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  1. I didn't get a reply back after the initial contact. Serial # 890 Glass bolt, Ice rack ultimate, match trigger Eddie
  2. DOJ doesn't have my parts and no word from Pauly. Sent a label, nothing. :shocker:
  3. So are we to believe Paul just "misplaced" the parts the OR DOJ doesn't have? Paul will most likely be going away for this. If my understanding of these things is correct. He was most likely told he would be making payments to the DOJ to pay for the reimbursement of the the DOJ's funds, or else the OR tax payers would be paying for it. If Paul cannot come up with the other parts I believe they truly were finished. They were probably finished so well they fetched a pretty price to someone else. He most likely got paid TWICE for one set of parts. I hope I'm wrong, but unless he can magically poof the parts into the DOJ it's THEFT! When I talked to the DOJ lady, she told me she did not have my parts. She also told me Pauly gave them about 30 bags of parts with peoples names on them in which mine was not one of them.
  4. ^In the exact same boat. Just got a call from Oregon DOJ and the lady said she did not have my parts. Pauly had told me they were complete and just needed to be shipped...Parts are probably forever gone
  5. I see the posts from Pauly at the end of Page 6. This is good news! Thank you all. I just sent a label to the e-mail address. Will see how that goes and will update when parts come HOME!
  6. I will be sending in my complaint with m documents tomorrow when I get in the office to scan everything in. #890 - GBS, MT, IRS Delivered on 1/9/2013
  7. ^yes. I saw that as well. Still unacceptable not having original parts 2yr was earlier this month. #890, still at same address.
  8. I'm on the same boat. January will make it 2 years for me. #890 not getting any welding. Last email from Pauly said that my parts were done at the beginning of the year...yet my saiga still sits.
  9. I'm in the same position as you are. Sent early Jan. 2013. Glass bolt, ice rack supreme, match trigger.
  10. This is good. I was on the top of the lost so hopefully I can get the saiga shooting again.
  11. looks like a things got a bit steamy in here since i last checked. im 16months in and last contact was last year wheb Pauly said my parts were done and was flat out broke to ship my parts. If its a financial issue the reward should change things, but we will see how it goes...
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