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  1. Thanks for the help, so far I bought a lee classic turret, 3 reloading books, a very cheap shotshell reloader "loadall2". Lyman tumbler, Im just buying a little at a time until after the holidays. Next is a 1500 charge master from rcbs. I have about 300 once fired 50ae rounds that ive shot, and maybe 80 to 100 500 mag rounds. I plan on reloading 556, 308, 3006, 380, 9mm, 40, 45, 357, and 44 to. I thought about casting 500 mag bullets, but you cant do 50ae since its gas operated.
  2. Hows it going everyone? With the cost of ammo, im starting to buy reloading equipment. Im looking for cheap bullets for the 50ae and 500 smith. Those are my two most expensive pistols to shoot. Any links from some reloaders? Ive managed to find the brass at a decent price, but not the bullets. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. You know im not sure where the heck the old spring is??? I moved recently and have a ton of crap in the garage, might be time saving to see if I can buy an oem spring.
  4. Maybe this can help. The loads were Federal 23/4 dram 1 oz. 8 shot. 1180 fps
  5. Well I took it apart tonight, everything seems to be working correctly. I can cycle it by hand and the trigger will reset each time. I was using federal 1 1/8 oz target loads. Im lost the spring is on correct. Makes no sense to me at all, im not giving up though came to far to turn back. Im just at a stand still until I can get to the range. I will fix this issue, thanks to all who have commented on this situation!
  6. Yes the hammer works and resets by hand with no mag. I have the power spring from CSS.
  7. Well I finally took off my gas block, which to my surprise came off really easy. I drilled all 4 holes to 5/64ths, and the block to 11/32nds. I took it to the range today, adjusted my new tac 47 plug. It was failing to eject. I put the old plug back in same thing. I let it cool off for a minute, loaded up and shot three rounds like nothing. Then it started hanging up again. The shells that are ejected are not vey far, but enough to load the next shell. That's when I noticed the problem. It will fire a shell, eject it, load the next one, but the trigger wont budge. I have to cycle it by hand, w
  8. I can only get about one thread started. I could take a pic but I don't think it would help. I would like to say thanks for the help everyone!
  9. It seem like it wants to start but then stops. Looks like it starts to hit the barrel.
  10. Does anyone on the forums use this plug? If so did it screw in easy for you? I removed my factory plug, cleaned the threads and the tac wont screw in. The threads are fine, I can screw the old plug back in with ease. The inside of the block has been cleaned.... Kinda of stumped, I don't want to force it.
  11. When I ordered mine they showed up at my doorstep already bolted on!
  12. Chaos rail is the best, heavy yes, the hk sights are great! Like tits in a box....
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